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Thompson Targets GTA IV |

*sigh* Infamous lawyer Jack Thompson has set his sights on the Xbox 360 release of GTA IV. Apparently he believes the game will find it’s way into the hands of minors and states: “I and others will endeavor to stop Microsoft from participating in any fashion, directly or indirectly, in such sales to minors.”

Is he pro-PS3 all of a sudden or is he just so ignorant that he isn’t aware it’s a simultaneous release for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Anyway, if he’s so concerned about the game that will surely be given an 18/R rating, he should focus on retailers who illegally sell these types of games to them and try and educate the parents of said minors who fail to realise just exactly what type of game little Timmy is about to put into his console.

It really annoys me the way games (or music/movies/books) are used as a scapegoat for societies problems when the very small minority commit crimes and then people like Thompson or sections of the media place the blame firmly on games like Bully/GTA/Manhunt etc. Correct me if I’m wrong but crimes have been committed as long as man has walked the earth and back then there were no games consoles, or songs by Marilyn Manson or horror movies like SAW to shove the blame on.

Parents need to be educated a whole lot better on what they are buying for their kids and retailers need to be a lot more responsible and aware of what they are selling and who they are selling it to. I’ve been playing games since I was 6 years old and I’ve never murdered/robbed anyone or done anything that’s against the law because of what I’ve done or seen in a game.

If somebody can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake in a game/movie/music/book then they are already in need of psychological help. But I guess people find it easier to look further way from home which is where the real problems are, rather than targeting what is widely perceived as forms of escapism and entertainment.

One thing is for sure, Rockstar don’t need to promote GTA IV as Thompson is providing the game with a whole load of free media exposure. 😆

Jack Thompson Targets GTA IV

  • ehandlr

    What annoys me the most is only new products are ever targeted in these situations. Nobody ever says “Don’t read Hamlet” or “Don’t ever read Oedipus Rex” or even “Don’t read the Bible”.

    Some of the most deranged, evil, f*cked up scenarios to ever come across someones mind can be found in these 3 stories/books/etc.

    Nobody silences the media for the same reasons.

  • Tom

    Totally right Garry.

    If Mr Thompson was so concerned about moral values he would look to stop the sales of these games to minors in the first place.

    There again I do not see Mr Thompson going out and suing Wal*Mart, Best Buy or EB Games for selling these games to minors, nor launching a campaign to educate parents about what they are buying for their kids.

  • Sporty

    The irony is Bully probably wouldn’t have been as big of a hit if not for the free press from Thompson.

    I think he’s targeting MS in this mailing since his Sony mails were ignored in the past. I bet Sony will get one soon.

    People like him and Parents that blame games/books/music/movies for their own lack of parenting skills are the root of the problem. Not the media they are so against. Growing up I heard from so many idiots that Rock and Metal music was satantic. These same idiots would have burned the media and people that wrote them a few hundered years ago. They do more damage to the community then the objects they complain about. They care more about their own warped belief then they care about other people. And yet they call the entertainment evil or damaging.

    Its only a way to blame someone else instead of taking responsibilty.

  • Sporty

    PS. I dont remember putting that many spaces on the 3rd paragraph

  • You have NO right to complain!

    I am from Germany, and we have the strictest laws on gaming “violence” there are. Some games dont even come here, because of that (like Dead Rising, God of War (was later released, dunno why it was delayed) and Gears of War, just to name a few).

    Most games, that would get a 18+ rating here (more or less comparable to pegi 15 or the british 15 or ESRB T (yes TEEN, not always but often)), are nearly always cut (Command & Conquer was a pristine example, though well done mostly).

    Its good that Austria and Switzerland do also speak german and are in the same region as we are… Importing those titles is not (as long as they are not banned (there are 2 sorts of bans in Germany. “Beschlagnahmung” and “Indizierung”, the first being totally illegal, even to have such a game were the latter only completely forbids sale, ads and whatnot to people under 18, which also means, no normal store can display them. Usually my 18+ video rental store has these games, so no real biggy here), which pretty seldomly happens, to be true… I only know of 2 games right now. Mortal Kombat 2 and Wolfenstein 3D (there were some “Nazi Games” on the Amiga which were also banned, but those were not banned because of violence, but because of hatred, racism and such…)

    The recent discussions about “Killerspiele” (Killergames) from the likes of Beckstein, Schäuble and the other guy are just plain stupid. They also display Counterstrike, Doom and GTA as Killergames, but EXACTLY these games were censored here to get a 16+ rating (nearly no blood, people dont die in CS, they just get tired!! NO KIDDING!). In TV they always show US/UK releases, which are hard to get here (nearly impossible to get under the age of 18, because importing games 18+ requires you to have a legal ID which states your age which you need to show to your UPS guy on arrival). Ok, there are bloodpatches, but not every kid is as good with computers as I am, nor does every kid play their games on a pc (not bloodpatches for console games at all).

    These recent pukes out of Jacksons mouth (just MY humble opinion, dont sue me, I am german!) are equal BS. Really 😀 But not as bad as we have it though… Our politicians do that, hes just a mere lawyer from Fl.

    Hm… done ranting (for now, looking at you Schäuble, Stoiber, Beckstein and the other guy, who is “strangely” member of a german NRA thingy… No guns for normal people here (only you have a licence which requires such a membership)… But ban games…)

  • Sporty, its because of the games/bla and whatnot “word” which forces a new line…

  • Sporty

    I understand that Germany and Australian governments act as parents to their nation on censorship. And I agree that it sucks. I’m just upset that some people and groups are trying to get the US government to follow suit. And to use protecting minors as an excuse is just a way for lazy parents to not have to get involved in parenting their own children on something

  • This guy needs a better hobby. Like farting peas at the moon. Alas, its not his fault. He’s just a byproduct of the Florida public school system (50th in the state :-P). Believe me, living in Florida I’ve seen its effects first hand!

  • Doh! 50th in the Nation. See! Its contagious.