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Announcing a new Site – PS3 News ! |

As you, my awesome readers, are most probably aware, this site is a blog where four of us express our opinions about the latest PS3 news. Often we post pure news articles, but this site is really a sounding board for us, hence the name “PS3Blog”.

The four of us just don’t have enough time to write up posts about every bit of PS3 new, unfortunately. For this reason, you may not see all the latest information here. I’ve been thinking about this, and I decided to create a new site for news. The site is PS3 News by MULTIPLAY3R. This site allows the readers to submit stories, so hopefully many of you will paricipate to make it the best news site for the PS3 around. Of course we will be pointing to articles on as well, to make sure that you don’t miss out on them if you end up only monitoring PS3 News. Readers often contact me to tell me about PS3 news, and this is a great way for you to tell fellow readers immediately about the news!

This is an exciting endeavour for me, and I hope all of you enjoy the new site.

PS3 News

  • hollywoodad

    yer it would take a team of thousands to write up all the bad press the PS3 gets!….

  • Great, the first reply is a troll.

  • A troll is being VERY polite.

  • lol a funny troll though. But, I fear change.

  • Sporty

    We already have plenty of Anti-PS3 sites. That’s why you see so much negative Sony news. People at sites like 1up, Kotaku and IGN sift through most news and cherry pick anti-Sony news all the time. Often ignoring half the facts to get their own propaganda across. Mostly because the price of the console they are bitter and try to justify not wanting one. Taking pictures of PS3 stacks as if that is news.

    Its good to have real news. I dont care about politics of gaming. Articles about MS shills bashing Sony or vise versa dont mean jack to me. Why do we have news postings about a PS3 update complaining about it being a work in progress. Yet 360 and Wii update are praised as giving more to fans. Negative Blu-Ray polls but ignoring a Blu-Ray sales surge and HD-DVD seemingly lossing momenum recently. A PS3 game going multi-platform as a loose for Sony and not a gain for 360. Bashing PS3 on upscaling when nearly all downscaling issues are user created problems in settings.

    And i really dont care about what anyone from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft have to say unless they are announcing a feature, game or release date. Yet we get that all the time on most sites just to fuel idiots who are bias.

  • Its so rare nowadays to get sony news without it being laced with ps3 bashing. I’m glad you guys are doing this.

  • Well feel free, guys, to post news to the new site!