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GripShift on PS3 Store |

GripShift for PS3 is available online. There is a free demo and the full game is $9.99


This game was already released for the PSP, and the PS3 version has some improvements. I haven’t had the chance to play this, but it sounds like it’s a very unique game. $9.99 sounds like a very fair price.

The PS3 store also has added another PS1 game for purchase: Jumping Flash.

PS3 is on a roll with releasing quality online content. Let’s hope they keep this up.

  • I guess I should put in my billing information sometime. I wish you could play downloaded PS1 games on the PS3. Hmm, maybe I don’t. They’d look pretty awful.

  • Sporty

    Downloaded PS1 games playable on PS3 is suppose to be coming soon.

    Some dont age well but still some gems that you can’t find without paying an arm and a leg.

    I remember when I first got a PS1 and mod chips were first annouce. I sent my PS1 off for modding back in 96 and bought Hermie Hopperhead. Never came out in US but was still a fun little game

  • Well thats good news. Thanks Sporty. Yea, I had mine modded to play the DBZ games. I still can’t believe I beat them without reading Japanese. I didn’t know how to save my games, took me a while to figure it out. I still own a few PS1 games. Haven’t tried any of them on the PS3 yet.

  • wooo jumping flash! time to get a PSP soon!

  • I’m glad these download ports are actually graphically enhanced.

  • Pc

    GripShift is pretty fun and looks damn good for a $10 game. The only downside is the load times, but who cares ??!!

  • Played the demo today, and wasn’t really impressed by the game itself. Grab coins…finish quick. Got pretty old. Maybe its my mistake, but the only available game mode was “Demo mode.”

  • infekt

    I didn’t like it at first.. but after realizing I didn’t have to stay on the road.. it was reduced gravity.. and turbo boosted you though the air.. it became pretty fun.