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PlayStation 3 does not support force feedback… yet? |

Driving Force ProAlright. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I was mildly irritated that the PS3 did not support rumble, but I was pretty certain that if I wanted a full on driving experience I would be able to hook up one of Logitech’s excellent Driving Force Pro wheels. Apparently this is not so; said Sony Computer Entertainment America:

All PS3 games are programmed for the SIXAXIS which doesn’t have force Feedback, therefore the force Feedback in the wheels won’t be recognized.

Except it is never that simple. Rumblings on the web state that some PS3 games, particularly in Japan, make full use of force feedback steering wheels already with GTHD, Ridge Racer 7 and Need for Speed: Carbon standing out. So that means that its absence in the US is clearly nothing to do with tilt technology.

This leaves only one reason that I can see. The lack of feedback is blatantly a result of Sony’s legal issues with Immersion. Apparently both sides return to the courtroom this week, but I am tired of all this. Sony needs to recognise that its customers do use force feedback and Gran Turismo is one of the more blatant examples where tilt functionality cannot be used as a replacement for something that many players find fundamental to the experience. You can count the Gran Turismo creator Kaz Yamamuchi amongst these people. So please Sony, I know Immersion have put you in a headlock here and are trying to grab as much money as possible, but I really do not care anymore. I will (grudgingly) pay a bit over the odds to get force feedback if I have to. Just sort it out! Force Feedback on PS3? Not so much.

As commentators down the page have revealed Sony’s own Phil Harrison said, as recently as November, that Force Feedback would be available to game developers. Still, that doesn’t explain why some games in Japan seem to have Force Feedback, whilst the same titles in the US do not. It may still be a patent dispute though. Immersion are definitely the original people behind Force Feedback, their logo being visible on the side of Logitech’s DFP boxes.

  • Nick

    I really hope SONY is hearing all the noise this news has caused.
    I understand not having rumble but no FF for race games is nuts!!

    I was already lookin foward to buying a wheel for GT5 to play online.
    Sheesh Sony, talk about, NOT next gen!!

    Apparently, Phil Harrison said this back in Nov, there is still hope…

    “If, further down the line, there was a way of marrying the two technologies [rumble and sixaxis], would Sony consider it?
    No, because we’re making a standard controller. With the PS2 we made 160 million controllers. Once you’ve defined the format, you stick to it. Now, that doesn’t prevent third party steering wheels having force feedback and obviously [Gran Turismo creator] Kazunori is going to be keen to have that. There will continue to be vertically integrated controllers like that, which a specific to an individual game.”…edback&x=0&y=0

  • Darrin

    Nick, you beat me to it, but great comment.

    This rumor is highly suspect.

    Yes, Phil Harrison explicitly said force feedback wheels would be supported and the quote on 1UP doesn’t sound right. All games are programmed for the sixaxis? Maybe all current games, but games will be designed for other controllers such as Guitar Hero and race games. The current force feedback wheels may not work, but I would be very surprised (and disappointed) if PS3 doesn’t have fully functioning force feedback wheels in 2007.

  • What I do NOT understand is, what rumble has to do with force feedback, patent problem wise.

    Sony was sued (or so I think), because it used 2 uneven rotary motors in its rumble, which already was patented by Immersion. No biggy here (I dont like rumble that much, not even in GT), but force feedback has nothing to do with these patens, as far as I know. I dont know, in how far FF is patentet, but the recent lawsuits are not part of it (Sony AFAIK never released FF products at all, at least not in Europe).

    IF, and I really mean this, if Sony dropped FF completely (meaning Racing wheel support and all that), then they will surely lose many avid racing gamers to Microsoft! Really. I mean, I spent more than 100€ for my Wheel(s) and I am not willing to lose feedback, just because Sony says so (its just Software, you know. I paid the licensing with my Wheel thru Logitech!).

    And then again, I think this is FUD and/or misunderstanding or mistranslation by IGN or whatever (its not like we havent seen this before). This is a standard feature since Outrun in 1986(every arcade racer had it ever since, patents only last for 20 years, just fyi) and I cant imagine good racing simulators without FF (ever played NFS MW with FF? I purely sucks!! GT3/4 show how to do it right).

    And ditching older wheels would be a no go. The technology didnt change, its the same freaking interface ever since it was first introduced in pcs with MSs Sidewinder wheel. My wheel still has plenty of life ahead of it, and I dont plan on buying a new one just for the sake of the PS3 (which already will cost me 600€ (wont buy 500€ one, because of wifi psp and all that)).

    Interestingly, a friend of mine has an older FF wheel, which works on my (big) PS2 but on his PSTwo, it doesnt Feedback… dunno why that is, exactly

  • mcloki

    It’s 1up deliberately misquoting to get more hits. Bit slimy of them by the way. GT won’t have rumble in the SIXAXIS, but it will have Force Feedback with any other produced and supported Drive Wheel.
    Let it rest.

  • Darrin

    That Sony quote very likely meant that current PS3 games like Motorstorm are written for the sixaxis exclusively and force feedback functions in your steering wheel won’t work for those titles. However, as Phil Harrison clearly said, the PS3 will have force feedback steering wheels and games that fully support them.

    And of course, sites like 1UP, put a sensational anti-PS3 spin on it to drum up traffic.

    I hate wildly inaccurate and negative sensationalism like this. Tom, we should probably update the headline of this entry.

  • matt

    Does anyone know how severe Sony is being punished? Is it possible that Immersion heard the quote from Phil and figured out that Sony would infringe on the patent if they let games support rumble/force feedback? I really don’t think we are going to find out until a game like GT5 is released and it has it. Since Polyphony is owned by Sony they might not be able to support it but 3rd party devs will.

    I just wish Sony would pay the damn fine and this would all be over.

  • Darrin

    Need for Speed Carbon supports force feedback steering wheels right now. Can anyone verify this?

    If this is true, we should rename the headline of this entry once more.

  • I’m surprised I haven’t noticed it much. So far I’ve played F1, MotorStorm, and GT HD and haven’t been as upset as I thought I’d be about no rumble. Coincidentally, the aformentioned racers are the best I’ve played in the nextgen. Sony must be doing something right with the racers.

  • I think the majority of folks don’t bother using Steering wheels in driving games, so for most, it will be an unnoticed issue.

  • Sporty

    “Does anyone know how severe Sony is being punished?”

    Last appeal they lost that I remember the fine was upped to $197 million.

    However as several people aslready stated. the article is mis-quoted. Probably to get people all anti-Sony again. FF will be in some racing games at the developers choice.

    If you were gullible enough to take that article at face value then you can think games like Guitar hero, Singstar or the upcoming Eye of judgement wouldn’t be possible since they aren’t developed around the sixaxis.

  • ken

    Original Message Follows:

    Consumer Name: Consumer Email:

    Model Number: N/A

    Message from Consumer:
    does the ps3 support forces feedback in racing wheels and games?
    yes or no

    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for writing us.

    The PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system comes with a SIXAXIS(TM) wireless controller. The
    multi-axis motion sensing system found in the new SIXAXIS controller employs technology that
    provides for seamless interactive operation, thus eliminating additional settings to TVs. With this
    system, users are able to maneuver the controller as a natural extension of their bodies, all in
    real-time and with high-precision.

    Please note, although you may have seen images where the “PS” button on the SIXAXIS wireless
    controller appears to be lit, the “PS” button does not actually illuminate, and this is completely

    For more information regarding the SIXAXIS wireless controller please visit the following URL.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, however, peripherals that plug into the controller ports of the
    PlayStation(R)(PSone(TM)) console and PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system are not
    compatible with the PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system. We do not have information
    regarding any adapters that will allow those peripherals to work on the PLAYSTATION(R)3 system. For
    more information regarding the PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system please visit:

    If you have further questions regarding this message, please refer to your email case

    Multimedia Representative
    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Consumer Services Department

    Additional Support Resources
    PlayStationcom Knowledge Base: Browse through hundreds of helpful FAQ articles at our Knowledge
    Base at To begin, please click on Support Page: You will find helpful content divided by our PlayStation(R) product
    lines. Please visit and select the PlayStation product of
    your choice to learn more.

  • The simple fact is that Sony makes no money if they don’t sale new products. Why would they create the PS3 to work with existing technology or accessories? It does not matter if there are conflicts with licensing issues or not. This is the same with any company be it Sony, Microsoft, Ford, Toyota… it’s simply one of those things you must accept.

  • bobby

    i am having problems getting on line with my playstation it said i have been signed out of playstation network(8001050f