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Bluetooth and PS3 |

Someone I know (Mole from recently bought a PS3 and also got himself a remote for the included BD player. He noted to me that it shows up as controller number 7. He also asks “Does this mean we are restricted to 7 bluetooth devices? That could add up if headsets, dancepads, keyboards, mice, and microphones all take up slots.”

Personally, I don’t think that this is much of a problem. I think it’s unlikely that you’ll be using more than 7 Bluetooth devices all at the same time. And that’s the only time when this could become an issue. Because the slots aren’t hardwired, you can activate a Bluetooth device and if a different, now inactive, device had used the same slot, you don’t have a problem.

  • skootie

    I don’t see this as ever being a problem. Unless you plan to dance on a wireless dancepad while juggling 4 controllers and a BD remote, panting breathlessly into a headset. 😉

    Seriously though, the Bluetooth standard just limits to 7 simultaneous devices connected to one receiver. It’s not a PS3 specific limitation.

  • Pc

    Yeah, same here…..I don’t forsee anybody actually using more than 7 different bluetooth devices at once. Ohhh…btw guys..i should be getting a PS3 next weekend. Once i get it, i’ll let everybody on here know my PnP online name.

  • Yeah, you are limited. Bluetooth only allows 8 addressable devices in a device area network, and one of those 8 is the PS3 itself.


    anyone get their blue tooth ear piece to work online?

  • Yes, I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435, and it works mostly fine. Sometimes I need to pair it again. Also see:

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