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PS2 Controller Adapter Coming |

Usually I don’t like to quote Kotaku because they so often report, well, garbage. But this time around they actually included the press release from Nyko. I went to Nyko’s website to find it, but you have to sign up to see their press releases, which is stupid.

Anyway, Nyko is planning to release a couple cool products for the PS3. One is a charger for four controllers ($40), and also a charger for two controllers ($25).

But the coolest one is an adapter that’ll let you use PS2 controllers, wheels, and the Guitar Hero controller, with the PS3. Supposedly there are other such peripherals out there, but I haven’t seen any.

Nyko will also sell some other peripherals like an HDMI cable, a Bluetooth 2.0 headset, and more.

PS3 Charging Base, PS2 Controller Adapter Coming

  • good news about the nyko adapter! let’s hope it works well. and amen about kotaku. i don’t even go there any more because of all the crap they publish, with misleading and sensationalist headlines. they’re like a cheap supermarket tabloid.

  • Knighthawk

    That’s great news, I have been waiting for a bluetooth headset made with the PS3 in mind!

  • I have no intention of using any PS2 accessories with the PS3. Well apart from my memory card for my Devil May Cry and GTA San Andreas saves…

  • Yay, finally I can use my DDR dance pads & Tekken 5 arcade controller.

  • Great. I wanted to use my wireless logitech controller. This adapter should let me do just that.

  • Pc

    I will just need the memory card adapter , but the controller charger station thing sounds cool too.

  • matt

    Just use your PC to charge your controllers. If you are like me and a lot of other people it is always on and you should have a bunch of USB slots open.

  • Neal Says:

    I hope the gutiar hero controller works with this thing.