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PS3 Launch Outsells Launch of… Whatever! |

As you no-doubt know, Sony has announced that they met their target of selling 1 million PS3 consoles by the end of 2006. One million consoles in this kind of timeframe is more consoles than Sony sold at the launch of the PSOne or the launch of the PS2. More than Microsoft sold at the launch of the Xbox 360, as a matter of fact.

GameSpot has said that they have PLAYSTATION 3 consoles available for sale.

Some are saying that this abundance of PS3 consoles shows that demand has peaked already. But really, it just says that Sony is doing particularly well at supplying North America with PS3’s after a launch with fewer consoles than they hoped.

Sony has also said that they want to sell 6 million PS3’s by March of 2007. We’ll see if Sony will be able to meet that goal.

PS3 Launch Outsells Xbox 360 Launch

  • Sporty

    I’m guessing that the 6 million will be harder to reach since most of the bigger titles are coming in march itself. With the EU launch that should help some but still a tall goal to reach with so little releases from now till march. It took MS till June to hit 5 million and they were worldwide the whole time.

    Either way I’m just happy I have my system.

  • ehandlr

    March is a good month for games. I don’t know if its 6 million good..but definetly better then now.

  • I wonder when Sony will announce the official European launch date and price?

    Hopefully it will be by the end of this month but if nothing is revealed until Feb then I think the PS3 will hit Europe at the end of March.

    I’m so ready to move up to the PS3. I have 3 more PS2 titles that I plan to buy (Okami, FFXII and God of War 2) and they will be used along with most of my other games to raise cash towards the PS3.

    March can’t come soon enough!

  • Mark

    I’ve received my PS3 9 days ago and I love every minute of it!! However I think the PS3 needs a really successful title/game to be introduced to the system.

    I know there are some good games coming out in March but we need that Killer game for the PS3 to push up closer to that 6 million mark (ie. just like 360 has GoW). We need something of that caliber.

    Come on developers……….

  • Considering the lacklustre games that have historically launched with consoles, I think that the PS3 is doing rather well. R:FoM and CoD3 are both excellent shooters. NFS:C and RR7 are good racing game, plus there’s the MotorStorm demo. Lots of people like M:UA, but I think it pales in playability next to PS2 games like Champions of Norrath. I’m quite happy with the launch lineup.

    That said, I’m looking forward to March 6th!

  • I remember when it was big deal to find a PS2 at launch. I got one as a present a week after it launched. I just used it to play PS1 games with anti-aliasing :-P. I remember getting Kessen and Oni for it a week after that. That’s back when I played games based on the cool cover vs reading reviews :-P.

    Only defeating factor of the PS3 launch lineup is the fact that I’ve played every game several months previously on 360. Resistance does stand out, and it is the best launch FPS I’ve played since Halo. But, it needs a few more games to set it apart.

  • Pc

    I figured it would outsell the 360 and im glad Sony was able to get the production issues resolved. I can go to just about any store around here and pick up a PS3 now. I’m selling my Wii with the games i had for it on EBAY to aquire the extra cash needed to get my PS3 finally. I can’t wait !!!!