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A Lie Too Far |

I went into my local GameStation store today to enquire about when they would be taking pre-orders for the PS3. You may think that there’s nothing remarkable about that, but the response I got was not the response you’d expect.

Instead of answering my question with a proper intelligent answer I was greeted with the response “Why do you want that piece of rubbish?”. That was bad enough but the store manager then chipped in with this little beauty “It won’t make the March launch anyway. It’s been delayed again until September because it’s crap!” That was his actual response, I kid you not.

I’m not the only person that has had this response from this particular store. A number of my work colleagues have made similar enquires and have been met with similar lies and blatant anti-Sony rubbish.

A friend of mine went in to buy a PSP and was told he shouldn’t get it because it’s the worst gaming device ever made and he would be better off getting an Xbox 360.

On top of this, I’m constantly being asked if it’s true that the PS3 has been delayed and I keep reiterating that the PS3 is still on schedule for the March launch. When I ask who’s been telling them this they all always say GameStation.

Today was the final straw. I will no longer buy any product from any GameStation store in future. 3 of my friends have said the same thing as well and 2 of them aren’t even big fans of the PS3 but will get one, just not from GameStation.

I’ve sent an email of complaint to GameStation, mentioning these past instances of a company seemingly intent on losing custom due to a minority of biased staff members.

I can understand GameStation trying to sell as many Xbox 360s before the PS3 launches, but for their staff members to tell blatant lies to potential customers is ridiculous. I may know better to believe their rubbish but the average parent on the street wouldn’t know any better.

Well done GameStation you’ve lost yourself a number of customers who spend quite a bit of money in your store, due to biased staff members spouting lies and absolute rubbish. They might not care and won’t even notice, but I’m not going to continue to give my money to a store that hires staff members who blatantly try to use underhanded tactics to sell the Xbox 360. If people want it they will buy it. They don’t need to spread lies and spout utter garbage in order to make a sale when they don’t gain anything from it.

*EDIT: I’ve just emailed Sony Europe but I’ll be surprised if I get a response from either Sony or GameStation.

  • Michael

    I’ve had the same problem from my local gamestation store, I asked them about information on preorders and they where more concerned about slagging off the ps3 to answering my question.

    I won’t go on, but reading what gary put, makes me think, Do gamestation want to sell any of there ps3 consoles at all.

  • Tom

    That’s a joke Gary.

    I hate it when stores do things like this; from now on I will seek to avoid GameStation.

  • More power to ya!
    Seriously this type of conduct is getting ridiculous.

  • I agree…that’s lame. It’s bad business to do that and it’s just tacky!

  • Same thing here.

    My local EBGames (Leonberg) also said, it will not make it in March and that it is MASSIVELY less powerful than the 360. When enquiering further, the guy noticed, I had done my math and retracted some of his statements as “developers speech”. I then further pushed him, on why he thinks that is, on which he replied, that the CPU is more powerful and so on… He was tainted with lies! I then just left the store, with some words of wisdom to him (as the rest of the store, cause my voice is pretty strong ^^, former Soccer guy)

    If you want to sell stuff, try not to dissuade people out of it with false information

  • Ozzy_bulgera

    I nvr go in theire anyway that is the Chav’s high streets gaming store i always go to Game

  • Game is almost as bad. They have also made snide comments about the PS3 being delayed until September. I rarely go in there.

    I normally buy games from Tesco or Amazon.

    I used to trade my games it at GameStation but I won’t be doing that anymore.

  • Darrin

    That’s really obnoxious but that’s the fault of the individual employees, not the chain itself or the upper management.

    The console war is an extremely political and divisive issue. Many people get really emotionally involved just like some sporting events, religion, or political topics such as abortion.

    Clearly, retail employees shouldn’t try to push their personal beliefs and preferences on consumers, but they do.

    BTW, I had a very similar experience at Target. In October, the employee who was working their claimed to be a PS3 beta tester (I’m sure he wasn’t) and told me about these horrible bugs and how PS3 wasn’t going to ship in 2006 (this was before it shipped, obviously).

  • Maffy

    I was going to check in my local Gamestation for pre-orders, though this has sort of ticked me off. However the people that work there seem to be the apathetic student types. We shall see.

    On another note, I was surprised to see a Playstation 3s being sold in the UK today! A small mobile phone store in Brighton is selling 60gb versions imported from Hong Kong for £550. I have no idea how long this will last because I’m sure it’s in violation of trading laws. I have to say I was tempted though it would halve my student loan (importing extras would cost at least £100 more). When I said I’d rather wait due to their pricing, the guy said that he didn’t think it would be much cheaper when released here. Obviously thought I was a chump who hadn’t done any research. The staff were all Asian, so I assumed one of them had brought them over themselves.

    So anyway, if you’ve got the dosh, head down to Brighton!

  • aw shame poor babies!!! The fact is that the ps3 is overpriced rubbbish. I used to love sony, owned a ps1, ps2, psp, but since trying out the xbox360 sold all sony rubbish and am sticking to this awesome fairly priced and well supported console. FINISHED. And thats coming from someone who used to be the most hardcore sony fan.

  • Good for you David. Hope you’re enjoying your 360.

  • I mean I’ll be honest I also stay in a PAL region and was selling family to save up for the PS3, but this last delay to march just pushed me over the edge. Plus from what I can tell from a gaming point of view Sony is really not delivering what was promised. I know its early in the cycle but they should really just learn that less is more when it comes to hype. I’m sure PS3 is gonna be awesome but sony have just left such a sour taste in my mouth that I have defected, seeing as all the games I enjoy are now on the 360. I’m really not trying to bash the PS3, but aren’t you also just a little peeved at how things have [anned out for us poor PAL region suckers?

  • I’ve been very disappointed with Sony over the past 18 months with regards to their PR outbursts and the PS3 delays, especially hitting us Europeans the hardest as usual. You say your favourite games can all be found on the 360 so that’s good enough reason for anybody to buy a 360.

    My favourite games are still on PS3 which is why I’m still waiting. If they weren’t then I would’ve bought a 360 ages ago. I do

  • I enjoy your blog though, and check it often just in case there is some light at the end of the PS3 tunnel that will re-ignite my sony flame. 360 is awesome though can’t wait to see all next gen games half way through the year.

  • Feel free to contribute whenever you want. 2007 is going to be a massive year with some great looking games scheduled for both the PS3 and 360. A great year to be a gamer.

  • ehandlr

    Welcome to large corporations that pay barely above minimum wage. They think because they work in the industry (by in the industry I mean they touch a video game from time to time) that they don’t need to research and their general opinion is enough to suffice. I’ve personally heard this rubbish as well at local EB and Gamestops. Only I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when it happens.

  • Rather

    No civil conversations allowed!!! Xbox 360 is a pile of trash PS3 SI THE R0XXOR 4EVA!!!1!!! 360 FTL

  • Pc

    If the 360 didn’t serve as a backup heater and didn’t break every couple months, i would like it more than i did. The 360 had so many problems and faults that i just had to sell it (my second one actually). Never buy hardware from a software company !!!! 🙂 All of my favorite games or games that i’m most excited about are still on the Playstation console. I have owned 2 360’s and also the Wii, but after playing them both….the PS3 is deffinately the system to own. After playing a couple games on it you will realize that it really, truly does have amazing potential, and that potential will be shown early on in it’s life (example: Resistance, Motorstorm, Lair, etc…). BTW guys….I’m selling my Wii on EBAY,k …so if your interested, the auction ends on this upcoming saturday !!!
    Now to the main story at hand……That’s pretty shitty that somebody at a game store would actually be so bias to tell you not to buy a PS3 , but instead go for a 360 or another system. It’s funny that one of those guys actually said the 360 processor was more powerful than the cell also 🙂 People these days…..
    Anyways, i’m glad that you tried to tell somebody within the business about the experience that you had. Maybe one day people will take not of that and actually hire some decent people.

  • I usually ignore these f*cks. Really, if I want reliable information, I search for it myself, rather than depending on someone who often has less knowlegde of technologie than I do. Ok, I may be a special breed, a techie, who is more interested in the how something works, rather than the output it produces (hence I am studying car and engine engineering as I am pretty much interested in cars and such). I also play, but thats just a side effect (like I love driving cars… Sadly the next open racing track is 320km (200m approximatley) north of here (the Nürburgring Nordschleife that is) and the Hockenheimring (which is only 100km from here) only opens on occasions… so sad 😀

  • Sporty

    These people are annoying as hell but in the overall picture they wont mean much. The few idiots at gamestores and bias news sites are only a drop in the bucket compared to the mainstream gamers. Once the system is released and games are coming out on a regular basis it will be harder and harder to be so ignorant.

    Calling the system rubbish just because they are too poor to afford it doesn’t change the fact that it still is going to have a ton of games you wont get on another system. That alone will get people to buy. The EU delay kinda sucked but if you look at it in perspective its better to have the system released with steady AAA titles then what we had in the US. I still only have 3 PS3 games and not looking forward to anything till March. PS3 is becoming my BD player till then.

    In the US the negative word of mouth was starting to effect Blu-ray’s image. If you look at how drasticly things have changed for BD in the last few weeks it now seems HD-DVD is in trouble with bare release lists compared to BD and sales lead of HD-DVD basicly erased. So now BD is again a major bonus to PS3 and BDs momentum is helping PS3s image.

    All the negative press and fanboys didn’t really hurt BD and from march on PS3s releases are strong with exclusive games. Then people will have to decide of they like playing games are just be retarded still.

  • majormauser

    There was probably one guy that doesn’t have the casg for a PS3 at the store or hes an Xbox faboi…. what you should have done was film him and put it up on YouTube.

  • matt

    I have seen the same thing at 10 different EB Games and Gamestops around Philadelphia and also in some of the bigger box stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. When the PS3 was sold out the employees were saying that they had 80% of them returned due to breakage. The games sucked and the good games wouldn’t come out for a year or more.

    The funny thing now is they can’t sell the systems they have and they are almost begging people to buy a PS3. People coming in for a Wii are greeted with “We don’t have any Wiis but we do have some PS3s!”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corporate was behind this somehow. They want to sell what they have and worry about the other out of stock products later.

    The PS3 needs to pick up some steam though. They have shipped 1 million units to the U.S. and they are sitting on store shelves. Every store I have been in since the week before Christmas has had them. Not one or two but 10-20+ at almost every store. Asking employees they say they haven’t sold many in the past few weeks. The 360 I couldn’t find on shelves until March 2006 and even then it was rare. I would say May 2006 was when they were readily available in Orlando, FL (where I lived back then). I pre-ordered my 360 July 9, 2005 and got it December 29, 2005.

    The Wii has sold more than 2 million Wiis in the U.S. and I still can’t find one. Every store sells them out within minutes of them hitting the floor.

    I am curious to see what Sony is going to do. If the PS3 continues to sit on shelves they will have to react. I strongly believe the price is way to high for the average consumer and sales will be poor until they drop the price. This is exactly what I thought would happen and why I waited to purchase a PS3. Americans love electronics but have a threshold of value/ price. Most people don’t see the value of the PS3s abilities so the price is way to high. I am thinking the price will be reduced for next Christmas at the latest.

  • The difference, Matt, is that Sony has produced a lot more PS3’s than Microsoft did 360’s. So the fact that you couldn’t find any until March is irrelevant.

    I think the problem is that people think you can’t find PS3’s, so they don’t look for them. As a matter of fact, I KNOW that’s the problem, because a coworker of mine did just that. He wanted a PS3 but said that he’d buy one once they becamse available. I told him he could buy one at Toys ‘R’ Us and he was surprised.

  • Pc

    Yeah…there are deffinately way more PS3’s in stores all across the U.S. right now than there were 360’s in stores last year around its launch time. It’s been what…..a month and a half, to 2 months and there are 1 million + units all around already. I remember having to wait a couple months after the 360 launched to get mine and i still had to dig around online to find out about the shipment. It was last new years before i got mine and i still had to wait in a line due to very few in stores.

  • matt

    Microsoft shipped 900,000 to the US, 500,000 to Europe and 100,000 to Japan through 2005. That is only 100,000 less than the PS3.

    I agree that some people might not know they are available but gamers should be hunting them down. I was on several websites last year and they all had something on their telling people the best way to get them (websites that tracked stock, etc). If people really wanted them they would be stalking stores and having people look out for them, as many people I know are doing right now with the Wii). The Wii is still sold out everywhere and they are way ahead of the PS3 on units shipped. The Wii may have shipped 4 million units so far. So I disagree with you Henning on that being the only reason they are sitting on shelves. One person does not excuse thousands of PS3s sitting on shelves.

    I think their is a problem when my fiancee was approached 3 times at her work weeks before christmas with people trying to sell their PS3 AT COST to her or anyone else that she worked with. I got the phone call 3 times and each time I declined (as I have said, I refuse to pay $600 for a game console, I don’t care what it does).

    As I already said above, I think the number of people who are jumping to pay $500/$600 for the PS3 are almost gone. A great game or a price reduction will jump start things again. I think when Motorstorm is released and is rated a 9.2 or higher on 1up or Gamespot people might go running to the shelves. This isn’t a sign of doom, just a sign of price being to much for what is available. Their aren’t enough games and the price is high.

  • WonderSteve

    I think the sales of PS3 is just leveling…but it’s not like it’s not selling. It’s constantly selling 50000+ units in Japan every week. Of course the Wii is selling a lot better…but Wii is just a totally different class of system in my opinion. PS3 just passed the launch hyped and Sony has managed to keep a steady supply. I think Microsoft really screw up the supply of 360 until 3 months after it’s launched. I am glad Sony is not doing the same thing.

  • Sporty

    I think the reason your seeing PS3s in stores is larger supplies and no AAA titles to drive demand higher then it already is. Of course you see some fanboys spreading FUD that PS3 is DOA. Not a single expert thinks the PS3 is going to fail and their job depends on accurate analysis. So either Sony/PS3 haters are right or experts who actually watch data and consumer confidence are right. Guess that’s up to you who is more reliable

  • I still fail to see the reason with people using the 360 launch to predict the PS3 launch. The 360 was the ONLY next-gen console out. Microsoft hyped it here to high heaven. The games were merely ports, and they weren’t much now that you look back, but they looked a lot better in hi-def. Another selling point.

    PS3 is launching a year later, against 2nd gen 360 titles. It’s also coming in at a price roughly $100-250 more than its competitors. I’d say its doing surprisingly well based on those factors. The main killing factor is the games. Oblivion, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, FEAR. All these games are already on the 360, and won’t be on the PS3 for months.

    Here in the US, stores like Gamestop told consumers that the PS3 would be delayed till Spring 2007, and that your best bet would be to get a 360 because all the good games would be released on it :-P. It worked. For a while. But when the PS3, 360, and Wii are on the same shelf, you know which one the store clerk is going to feel the need to push onto you. The most expensive one, with the most expensive warranty and accessories.

  • I think, one of the reasons, they try to push you into the 360 or Wii is, that the retailers get more money out of it now, as the margins may be higher. With all the hype going round with all consoles right now, this doesnt wonder me one bit.

    The PS3 outsold the 360 by FAR at this point in time. Think of it, the PS3 had less launch systems, a higher price tag, less regions but still it managed to crack 360s numbers in less time. Sonys assembly lines must be glowing by now.

    Now take into consideration that half the earth (EU and AUS) dont even have had contact with the PS3 yet and the launch isnt too far off, how sales will turn out by the end of the year? If Sony manages to supply a rather big pile of PS3s for the EU and AUS launch, they will really be able to pull off the 6 mil til end of March (I doubt it though, maybe 4-5).

    And this is without many games, that were supposed to be launch titles, like Lair, HS, Motorstorm, Oblivion etc. I would want to see the numbers sold from RFOM. (like how many of the 1.5mil+ users has it… As of now, about every 3rd 360 owner has GeoW).

    When games like MGS4 hit in Q4, I think, Sony will have closed up to or surpassed the 360 in sales (pure estimation made by a non marketing guy, namely me).

    I even think, most people will buy GTA4 for the PS3, just for being the Playstation brand. All 3D GTA titles were first on the PS3 and many casual gamers dont know, that it comes parallel on the 360, or just dont care, to them Sony it is, live or die (I dont mean fanboys here, just casual folk… You know growing accustomed to something REALLY is nothing to just laid aside).