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An early morning perfect lap of Monza |

Sony have their developers doing some really nice work with lighting at the moment. Some of the stuff on Motorstorm looks spectacular and Studio Liverpool are also going all out to show just what can be done.

Just another Formula 1 morning

This video from threespeech shows off some of the nice effects of the sunlight streaming through the trees. It also shows a perfect 60fps framerate, great draw distance and excellent trackside furniture. As a Formula 1 fan I am extremely impressed with this recreation of Monza, site of the fastest ever Formula 1 race, a track I have seen a lot on television and in games; this video comes closest to marrying the two. Kudos Studio Liverpool.

  • It really does look quite spectacular. Two top quality looking racing games, MotorStom and F1 CE, look set to make racing fans well catered for at the European launch.

  • matt

    It was alright. It was obvious that the framerate was around 60. Without other cars on the track the game looks very dull. I know this isn’t the finished product but this video doesn’t make me want to buy this game.

  • You’re right – it is dull without other cars. But I don’t think that this video was meant to make you buy the game. It was a technology demonstration. At least that’s how I took it.

  • Nick

    I agree with Henning, this was not meant to demo gameplay, but lighting instead.
    Which btw is awesome!!

    Im still undecided on this game though, it looks good but Im waiting to see how the online play will work.

  • Best looking racer of the next-gen.