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CES ’07 PS3 Event Trailer |

GameTrailers has posted the Sony PS3 event trailer from CES ’07 and it does a great job of hyping up the PS3. If I didn’t already intend to buy a PS3 I’d be sold just off that trailer. 😆

Now hurry up and announce the European launch date and price please Sony. Thank you!

CES ’07 Sony PS3 Event Trailer

  • skootie

    Nice one! 🙂

  • OT:

    Man, I saw some coverage of the iPhone… I want one, NOW! Thank god, my subscription ends in July (perfect timing somewhat). German Cell Phone Providers however give much more subsidies on their phones (but the rates are higher, esp. texting, which costs you .19€ per text and .039€ and up for pictures and crap for example)… If it is 199€, I will surely get it…

    I find it interesting. This PHONE costs the same (with the big card) and a 2 year contract as the 20GB PS3, yet no one cries (I read a lot on, very good german IT site)… This is strange somehow…

  • skootie

    Yeah it’s the sweetest phone I’ve ever seen!

    On the subsidies, I believe the phone is not subsidized at all. Apple gets the full retail price of the phone, as well as a large cut from Cingular for each contract signed. Don’t expect this to change until late 2008 at the earliest.

  • Thomas

    ohh, you think they’re gonna announce a european date/price at CES ?

  • I doubt it. More towards the end of January if we’re lucky.

  • I suspect a price in between 199 and 299€ at launch in Germany (including a 2yrs standard rate plan from the major wireless companys).

    I quickly checked yesterday, as to how good Cingular subsidises its phones… To be true, ours do more AND our monthly costs are lower (but we have higher phoning and texting costs), and as I dont do much with my mobile, I have no bill higher than 15€ (because my plan includes 50minutes (for my calls anywhere) and 150sms).

    I really really want it! And I hope, it will sport a VPN client (my universities internet wants that for wifi).