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Blu-Ray Discs to Include Portable Files |

Here is a quote from Sony official David Bishop, the head of the company’s Home Entertainment Unit.

Sony Pictures Entertainment will include portable files on Blu-Ray DVDs that can be transferred without a download. Sony may add the feature this year. It’s not currently part of anything on our current release schedule, but we’ll probably roll it out sometime this year.

What a great idea! Buy a Blu-Ray movie and transfer it to your PSP or other media device for on the go. Sony needs to make the Blu-ray Disc more appealing to win this format war, and this is just the thing!

Sony: We will include portable files on Blu-Ray DVDs

  • It’s a good start, but both formats need more movies.

  • THIS is a MAJOR thing, if more publishers do it for many handheld systems.

    I mean, if it supports iPod(Phone :D) and PSP thats about 100% market share (so to speak), this is one killer app, which will surely drive many people into Blu Ray!


  • Sporty

    It will be nice to watch the files from BD on PSP’s and Ipods. Just all remains to be seen if the other BD studios support it. And if they will be without DRM to lock out Ipod, which I dont see happening since Apple is on the BDA board

    Blu-ray was all about movie announcements last week. BD studios announced 78 newer movies for the first quarter with 5-10 catalog titles per month to start and getting BD and DVD releases in parity. Paramont and Warner said that by summer all their HD-DVD only releases will be released on BD and release dates should be the same for both formats, with warners’s TotalHD disk support of New-Line and HBO.

    HD-DVD announced 15 titles and Universal said they wont show any new HD-DVD titles at the show. HD-DVD gained a few porn studios.

    Seems this CES was mainly a battleground for HD disk format. BDA saying HD-DVD is dead within a year and HD-DVD saying it will go on for years.

  • ehandlr

    According to recent sales..the last week of December was the first time Blu-Ray trumped HD-DVD sales. Blu-Ray quickly closed the gap of total sales in between them and are expected to continue to surpass HD-DVD on a 3.5:1 ratio.

  • Pc

    Sounds awesome !!!!! I can’t wait to get a brand new Sony hdtv and fire up a PS3 on it 🙂 I love watching movies, so i really want to watch some blu-ray movies in 1080p.