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MotorStorm Online Mode Confirmed |

EDGE online has an interview with Evolution Studios’ Technical Director; Scott Kirkland, Product Manager; Matt Southern, Producer; Simon Benson and Lead Designer and Design Manager; Nigel Kershaw.

The questions were all from EDGE readers and there’s some interesting and pleasing answers for people who are wondering about the online play in MotorStorm. The online play was deliberately left out of the Japanese version for cultural reasons but it will be present in the PAL/US versions:

MS: We chatted a lot with Yasuhiro, our Japanese external producer, and in the end decided that online would be fine to arrive later. It’s a cultural thing, really, which we had to learn from Yasu-san. The Japanese are used to new iterations of a game at a later stage, and are also less bothered by online multiplayer. The scores seem to have justified our decision.

SB: Sony Japan were happy to have a totally offline game as the single player experience is so good. In the US, though, online is a much bigger deal, so they wanted to ensure that their version included online play. But as PS3 games continue to grow ‘beyond the box’ via downloadable content, every game is ‘not quite finished’, so expect more as time goes on.

So downloadable content is a given and I bet it won’t be free. The US/PAL versions will also include voice chat during online play via a USB headset or a Bluetooth device. They are currently running it with 12 players online, however that was reduced from 15 but they are still hoping to have up to 16 players racing online before it’s Western release.

There will be no option to have split screen races but Evolution does say that if the overwhelming demand is there for it, they could make it possible via download at a later date.

It’s an interesting read and I recommend you click the link below for the full interview.

EDGE Readers Interviews Evolution Studios

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  • matt

    12 players online is fine. More doesn’t always equal better. IMO 12 is the best number. 8 people online isn’t enough and 16 would be insane. I just hope they can make 12 player online a fluid experience.

  • Spli-screen MP is a big deal for me. My friend and I both loved the demo, but he’s not going to be able to afford a PS3 anytime soon. And taking turns got old in the SNES days :-/.

  • Splitscreen!

  • Pc

    Finally some news about the online portion of this game !!! Good to hear that there will be voice chat during online play (it should be there anyways). I can’t wait to talk a little trash as i’m passing by one of my friends online….i read a while back that you can actually use the right joytiq to turn your players head so you can see your opponents, and they can see you looking at them. 1080p graphics, 60 fps, and some good ol online multiplayer action… can guarantee this game will be a major hit !! 🙂

  • It’s 720p and 30fps, Pc. Maybe MotorStorm 2 will be 1080p at 60fps.