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Got My PS3! First Impresssions… |

I just got my PS3 and I love it!

My favorite things so far:

  • The hardware The system is beautiful, has a lot of extra features, and it worked flawlessly. I played a variety of games and used at least a dozen different system features and never hit a significant glitch.
  • Online content There are lots of free demos worth trying and a nice starter selection of casual game content. Lemmings is a great remake of a classic with very nice graphics and polish. And it’s only $6.
  • Resistance Wow, this game was even better than I expected. It is definitely derivative. There are many obvious similarities to games like Half Life 2, and it fits into a very well established game formula, but overall, Resistance is the most well polished game in its genre.
  • Controller I love it. The wireless is flawless, the analog sticks are much improved, the triggers are great, and the accelerometer functionality has lots of potential.

My personal PS3 wish list:

  • Enhanced Digital Jukebox Adding iTunes-like digital jukebox functionality to living room consoles is great. However, the PS3’s jukebox functionality seemed very limited compared to iTunes. I want to be able to make custom playlists, sort/search by a dozen different criteria, and import album art. The music visualizer is pretty cool (I know, most people are sick of those).
  • Rip SACDs This probably will never happen due to legal issues, but if you could combine the quality and features of SACDs with the convenience of digital jukeboxes, that would be a huge plus. Honestly, if someone could offer digital music downloads with increased fidelity and multi-channel mix support, that would work also.
  • Force Feedback Steering Wheel Support
  • More Content The next few months will be great
  • I’m not envious. Nope, not at all…

    So did you get the 60GB PS3 and what games have you got for it?

  • Congrats, Darrin! What’s your OnlineID ?

    We’ll have to kill each other online sometime!

  • Darrin

    🙂 Europeans have to wait a little, but I wouldn’t mind. All the initial glitches and lack of content will be gone by then.

    Of course I got the 60GB version. The WiFi and card reader work perfectly.

    I only bought Resistance. There are plenty of good sports games, but there’s nothing else that really interests me. I also bought Lemmings which is an amazing HiDef remake for $6. GT:HD is a really fun free preview as well. I’ve bought plenty of PS2 games now, and I plan on buying *lots* of PS3 games starting in Feb/March.

  • Have you not downloaded the MotorStorm demo yet?

  • Darrin

    Yes, I got MotorStorm also. Very cool. Just downloaded F1 racing but have yet to play that one.

    Thanks Henning. My online ID is NashTheSlash. However, I am really terrible at playing humans. I can beat single player games on hard with no problem but I just lack the gene for playing against human opponents.

  • I dont know if this has been answered yet, but

    does the PS3 feature any sort of lan/wireless data exchange? I mean, can I copy data off of my PC video then (w)lan features? And, can I put h264 (720P/25) on a dvd-r(maybe also rw) and watch it?

    I would like the PS3 to have Internet Radio support. I nearly always listen to it, when working (

    I also would like to know, what profiles the GameOS bluetooth stack supports. Wouldnt it be cool, to be able to exchange player profiles via your cell phone (iPhone in December ^^ without crappy Cingular (sorry, meant AT&T) services 😀 ) or even listen to your MP3s wirelessly (I already can do that with my Logitech MX900 BT mouse and my Sony Ericsson k750i, albeit in pretty darn bad quality, but my phone doesnt support hq audio profile).

    Theoretically, my PC can be disguised as a Headset while playing music “as it speaks”, so I can listen to my MP3s on the PS3 that way (even while playing, but it would be a bit annoying for the other guys 😀 ), this should work (if your stack supports it. Mine does, tested it with my notebook ^^, I mean playing music on my desktop while the sound comes out of the crappy laptop speakers).

    And, how is backing up to USB working? Do I have to reformat and or partition my disc, in order to get the files onto it, or does it accept FAT/NTFS or even Ext2/3? The ps2 had its own FS, which was a bit annoying, but it worked (with the right software at hand).

    Are savegames bound to a profile, or are they free? I mean, the Wii has some problems with it (only allowing one save per game and such, though making the SD card feature a bit worrysome, as to you having to copy helluva lot around to try your friends savegames and whatnot).

    A lot of geeky questions… Not the obvious stuff, everybody else wants to know 😀

  • Tom

    Good stuff Darrin! Have fun!

  • I don’t think the PS3 supports most of those features, Segitz. As far as USB goes, I don’t think that’ll work either – I don’t think it sees FAT/NTFS.

    AFAIK, some savegames are bound to a profile, while some are not. I wanted to back up all my savegames the other day, and the system prevented me from copying my NfS:Cardon savegame!

  • mcloki

    Got mine this weekend as well. I’m actually very pleased. Still playing on SD right now, But my HD comes this week so I’ll get to see the difference.
    The hardware. I love it.
    Online content. It’s nice to get it. But I would love more. Also Why can’t they just stream the video to my machine as opposed to downloading it. It would make the trailers much more accessible. One quibble. When downloading there should be a screensaver. Not just a dimming of the screen but a full blown Screensaver.
    Ressitance: Yes the game is very good. I’m stuck in London right now trying to take out some Stalkers. The thing I notice about the game is that when it starts it looks like a nice PS2 game and has that WW2 feel, but as you move through the levels the title gets more and more Next gen. The later levels are absolutely gorgeous especially the alien technology and architecture. You can almost see Insomniac getting more and more used to the system and drawing out it’s power. Can’t wait for Ratchet and Clank. Driving areas are great. Music could have been better, but I’m comparing it to Halo.
    Controller: Great. Very light.
    My personal wish list:\
    Sony do yourself a huge favour, License iTunes and the ITMS from Apple and put it on your machine. That would simply put the PS3 over the top for me. Great downloadable content, add hooks into your programs to play my itunes during the games I buy. I know you’re going to try and go it alone with this. Don’t team up with Apple. Trade those great new OLED HDTV’s to Apple so they can make Apple branded monitors, just get itunes running on the PS3. The first console to do that it going to be very poplular.
    Second the Force feedback support. I played the F1 demo. Simply amazing, but it needs the steering wheel. It’s actually so intense to drive the car that I start to tear up because I can not blink while driving. You get that into it. And don;t bother to try and watch the scenery. If you take your eyes off the road for a second you are in the grass. Needs the Steering wheel.
    Better PS2 support, less jaggies. I mean I can still use the PS2 to play PS2 games but really.
    Overall I can’t wait to get home to finish off Resistance. I’ll play it again in HD later this week. I’ll try and write up some impression of going from SD to HD then.

  • Thought so, that it didnt work, but…

    Sony could do it, no problem. The firmware is upgradeable, and as those suggestions just being gimmicks (not the wifi data thingy, thats mandatory in some time, i think), it would really add value to the overall system!

    Sony really should partner up with Apple! There would be some real advantages in that way, on both sides. Sony could pass on knowledge to apple in things of hardware (iPhone, iPod or even Apple TV or their Laptops) and on the other hand, Apple could be the leverage in Sonys “console war”. I mean, if Sony could access ITMS and the iPods/iPhones, there would be nothing, MS could put against. And Apple could help Sony with its software and dev tools (Apple is pretty much used to PPC and all that stuff) or even release a version of Mac OS X for the PS3, the possibilities would be limitless and both would have their advantages.

    It would think, Sony likes the idea, but Apple doesnt… Thing is, Apple would get even more into the Home consumer market…

  • Pc

    I’m officially jealous now, Darrin 🙁 I still don’t have the extra cash to get one….Anybody want my Nintendo Wii ???

  • NashTheSlash: you just have to play a lot! I’m not all that good either – I usually rank firmly in the middle-lower part of the stack, but I still get to have fun.

  • Nice score Darrin! I’ll add you to my friends list next time I’m on my PS3.

  • Darrin

    Thanks everyone! Segitz, I’d love to know the answers to those techie questions, but I think you are going to have to let us know.

    mcloki, I’m completely non-HD (480i) as well. I’m planning on bringing my PS3 to a friend’s house to try everything in HD.

  • I’m running the PS3 in 720p/1080i. Before it was only on 480p because I had it listed as multi-out instead of Component. Huge difference, I think you’ll be impressed. Even the menu looks sharper. Tomorrow I’m going to use the PS3 in 1080p via HDMI. Finally replacing my broken LCDs with a 46″ Samsung. Can’t wait!

  • Darrin

    Lucky man, Phaethon. Eventually, I will get a really nice 1080p 40″ display, but I’m holding out for another year or so. I can’t wait to try my PS3 on a friend’s display.