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Lair Videos from CES 2007 |

This game looks like it will be a lot of fun. Flying the dragon using the sixaxis controller. Lair will have 1080P support as well.

Two new videos have become available, so check them out for some fire-breathing action:

Lair Video 1
Lair Video 2

Official Lair Website

  • Pc

    I will deffinately be picking this game up !! I have never had the priviledge of flying a dragon with motion sensing on a console before, it’s gota be fun 🙂

  • I’ve got this one pre-ordered. Can’t wait till its released.

  • It definitely looks great but I hope the controls are just right as poor controls will render LAIR unplayable.

  • You can definately tell its got a long way to go. But I see alot of potential. I’m hoping they add in some motion blur and volumetric smoke (really can’t tell from the off-screen vids anyway though). And the animations need a little tweaking, and framerate will definately need to be locked at 30fps. I expect this one to be ready April. They’ve been showing that demo build for a while.