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Resistance Lossless PCM Audio |

While games and regular DVD movies have long provided Dolby 5.1 surround sound, Resistance provides uncompressed 7.1 PCM sound. I only have a 4.0 speaker setup, but with an optical audio connection hook-up, it really sounds amazing. You can really feel the spatial sensation of bullets and warfare occurring around you. I’ve played plenty of 5.1 games on my PC and this sounds much better. However, this difference may be due to my living room speakers vs. my office speakers.

Anyone here have an HDMI receiver or plan on upgrading? Or are there a lot of people who use 2.0 speaker setups or just use the speakers in their TV?

UPDATE: Michael thankfully pointed out that you can get uncompressed PCM audio without an HDMI receiver.

Resistance: Gaming in 7.1 PCM Uncompressed

PS3Wiki Page on Resistance: Fall of Man

  • Michael

    Resistance is in 7.1 not 5.1, and you get play pcm on a regular home theater receiver. You don’t need an hdmi receiver to play pcm audio. I watch all of my Sony blu-ray movies with pcm and it sounds great! PCM 5.1 is encoded at 4.6mb vs. dvd audio which is 640kb. It sounds way better than dvd, especially “The Descent,” which is the best home movie experience i’ve ever had. It’s exactly like being in the movie theater. It’s the first movie to support PCM 7.1 at 6.1mb. Awesome!!

  • Pc

    I don’t have anything too special, but my bro’s brought their ps3 over and we played Resistance with my 6.1 surrouns sound (1000 w). Pretty nice, even though i don’t have a fancy receiver with hdmi input. The PS3 was plugged into my tv’s component input, then i have a high quality cable running from my tv audio output to my receiver.

  • Pc


  • Leo

    Michael, I’m confused about how you could be hooking up pcm without hdmi. An article previously posted on this site described uncompressed pcm as too much data for standard optical audio cables to handle. Do you mean that you are setting something in-game and in the PS3 system to output uncompressed pcm, and it does it over a standard optical cable? And do you mean that resistance doesnt output any 5.1, so you watch only movies with pcm?