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Saints Row coming to PS3? |

If you’ve beening following along for any length of time, you’ll know me well enough to know that I don’t care for GTA style games. So therefore there’s no way that I’d ever buy Saints Row, even for the PS3.

But if you’re the type of gamer who does like GTA style game, you might like to know that the latest scuttlebutt has Saints Row appearing on the PS3.

Now I have to warn you that this is a really thin rumour – it’s just a couple listings on and So take it for what it’s woth.

But out of curiosity. Raise your hand if you’re interested in Saints Row for the PS3? Anyone?

Retail Radar: Saints Row poppin’ caps on PS3

  • Sporty

    I might get it. I rented it with Gamefly on my 360 but it was pretty buffy for me when driving suddenly freezing the car disappear and can’t do anything but reset. I went online and apparently it’s not widespread. However I couldn’t get too far and just returned it in frustration.

    Although I dont think it is as good as GTA, it’s something for May. Really depends though. I will have to wait for reviews. If it’s a rush port and some isolated freezing like the 360 rental I might pass.

  • if its like gta … right here I have all 3 arms striaght up !

  • I don’t know if I’m interested in Saints Row IF it comes to PS3. I like GTA a lot but the pretenders to it’s throne never seem to get the formula just right. Only Mercenaries came close on PS2. I wouldn’t mind Dead Rising coming to the PS3 however.

  • Luke

    this didnt do it for me

  • huh?

  • Pc

    I already played and beat this game on the 360, it’s not as good a gta, but still fun.

  • Played the crap out of it on the 360. When I said this game wasn’t going to stay exclusive forever, you should’ve heard the hisses and boos that came my way :-/. Still, I didn’t expect it to come this late. I think interest will be gone in this one by the time its released.