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European launch details due in the next 10 days! |

Well according to Sony’s semi-official mouthpiece threespeech. In fact they get a bit more specific, they believe that we will know the European launch date and details by next this time next week (Tuesday 23rd January), also suggesting a date of 23rd March. There’s nothing from Sony to confirm or deny this, but all the signs point to the European launch finally getting confirmed next week, and various sources seem to corroborate the March date, with signs pointing towards the end of the month. When Sony’s (albeit “semi-official”) PR blog starts highlighting this kind of thing you can be sure an announcement is not too far off. Huzzah!


  • March 23rd is starting to look like the date. I hope the official date and price is announced next Tuesday, we’ve waited long enough!

  • I hope they mention something about the big PS3 XMB Update due in march.

  • I’m with ya!

  • My lawyer wrote me today, that my hiership will be collected on January 30 😀

    So, enough money… I just need a reliable shop, that lets me preorder now !!

    I know of one shop (ordered my PSP 1.5 FW there), that takes preorders, but somehow I doubt, that it is THAT reliable 😀 Dunno why. They have been around since we got our Amiga when I was about 8 (17 yrs ago roundabout)…

    I will look further and post my results, to tell the others, where in Germany/EU to get a PS3 reliably (EU does not take duty fees for importing).

  • Looks like the price has been leaked! 629.99 EUR and 529.99 EUR

  • Tom

    I read something on a forum that implied the Irish price is higher because it takes into account a recycling cost the Irish government places on top. I will not be happy if this pattern is repeated though and is unrelated to recycling fees. 😡