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Japan Now Has 1 Million PS3’s |

Japan has now reached the 1 million mark. Note that Sony cites numbered shipped to retailers, and this doesn’t include other countries in Asia.

Now combined with recent sales reports in North America, Sony’s shipped over 2 million PS3’s. They did not say what the split is between the 20GB & 60GB units. But I’m sure the 60GB was more popular, because that’s been the case so far in previous reports.

Sony has also shipped 5 million PS3 games between North America & Japan. That’s a 2.5 attach rate, not nearly as bad as what others have said. Resistance Fall of Man was the most popular game sold. And concerning the Playstation Network – on launch day it had 500,000 members.

PS3 Ships a Million in Japan

  • ehandlr

    All positive stuff in the light of bad PR. I hope this trend continues.

  • Sony’s going to need to get some actual unit sales first. It’s shipping alot of consoles, but from the managers I’ve spoken to, the consoles aren’t moving. Some stores are refusing to accept more shipments until they move the units they already have. And the only thing that moves console are freebies, price drops, or AAA titles. Something needs to happen soon.

  • ehandlr:

    Ouf course Sony gets bad PR ATM. Its been the same with the PS2 launch… Too hard to program for, too expensive, DVD not necessary and whatnot… Guess what, half a year into PS2s lifecycle, all that turned into dust.

    Now, if Sony keeps releasing good games and multiplat publishers do too, then the bad PR is well and forgotten…

    If the PS3 will also have a massive lead at the end of its cycle, remember my words! The PS4 will also get much bad PR… Its always the same with the superior system followers (PS1 to PS2, PS2 to PS3).

  • ehandlr

    The difference between the PS2 negative PR and the PS3’ that you could not find a PS2 on the shelf for months after the fact. The PS3 is having a hard time making that same expectation.

    In the end I think the PS3 will pick up speed…it has a nice productive life full of potential ahead.

    Several top games are slated for it that will help move units…and the fact that dev’s really haven’t used the SPE’s yet and that most games are programmed as a single core processor architecture for now.

    Its going to be a tough road..but hopefully it will come to shine.

  • Sporty

    PS2 also had less competition and one thing that’s often overlooked it PS3 has had minimal defect rate of nearly any console in recent memory. Bad PR will get worse before it gets better. Since no real AAA titles are coming for another month and a half. After that the releases a steady. Even with so many multi-platform games, Sony first party titles are still impressive enough to give it an edge. With 18 in house dev teams and the 3rd party exclusive studios you know Sony will have a ton of games announced this year from first party alone. Add to that the crossplatform games.

    I highly doubt we’ll see a price drop this year. In reality it will be a PR nightmare for Sony to drop the price this soon into it. Would be admitting defeat and a of lack of confidence.

    Blu-Ray now has momentum in the format war so it could have been worse, so PS3’s trojan horse might still work since other then PS3 the next cheapest Blu-Ray player is $700

    Like i said I think the PR mess will get worse till March, the overstock PS3 problem doens’t look good but it’s not in every area. Here in Northern Cali you still can’t get a PS3 at CC, BB, target, toys r us or wal-mart just by walking in. Our K-Mart had one sunday though. But without the games to push it, if you didn’t want RFOM, not a big reason to pick one up till spring.

  • Hm… no PS3s in store here (and the next 3500+kms that is… Germany :D)

    I cant tell, if what I read on digg was true or not, because I simply cant see for myself, and as the net is full of dumb fanboyism, research on the net onto this topic is hard…

    Theres one site, which show PS3s/Wiis in stock or not… It always shows PS3s in stock at BB or CC… But these are ALWAYS daylight robbery priced bundles with 5 games, of which 4 suck. The rest of the stores are sold out (the same goes for the wee). Real stores, that dont screw their cotumers (Amazon i.e.) gets them and sells out within seconds. Why is that? Because many people dont look for PS3s in retail (because they think it is no available) or because it is really sold out in many high populated areas in the US?

    I cant tell, I dont know and I cant find out anything about this topic.

    What I do know is, that the price is a real dampener for skyhigh sales (after Christmas). January and February ALWAYS are the months with the lowest sales! Even the movie industry doesnt release any major movies in that time (Or show me a real hit released in these months that made $35+ mio). Nearly no industry releases a new product in that time, and as the PS3 nearly being complete sold thru till January, people didnt hold back for Christmas and are now broke ^^

    I want to see the real sales figures when the PS3 is openly and widely available all over the US. Then we can talk 😀 The PS3 already outsold the 360 (Sales per Month, Sales per Region over time, overall sales over time) and that counting without Europe and Australia. Dont tell me, that that is bad!!

  • matt

    The Wii has shipped 2-4 times the amount of consoles and they are nowhere to be found. The argument that people don’t know they are in stores is a bad one. The PS3 will be alright. It just isn’t going to be another PS2. The PS2 was only up against the Dreamcast when it launched. The GameCube and Xbox were a year later.

    This generation is a whole new world. The competition is better than the PS3 right now and how long will it take for the PS3 to be a better value to the average consumer.

  • Sporty

    Wii is also half the price as PS3 and Zelda is a must have. If PS3 was $299 or $399 you wouldn’t be able to find it in store just like the Wii.

    I’m not saying all the reports are untrue about PS3 availibity in stores, just not in my area. We still have no must have titles other then RFOM out and a lot of fanoys wont give it a chance just now. But even with the downscaled expectations of PS3 sales from analysts PS3 is still selling faster then 360 did this time last year. The differance is Sony is shipping a ton more systems then MS did last year. And at a far less defect rate then 360, Dreamcast or PS2 had.

    The real test is mid-march on. Once they launch in EU and the games are coming out at a steady stream the sells should pick up and demand should increase. 360 will probably be in the lead for awhile but my bet is in 2 years PS3 wont be much more expensive then a 360 and the race will be intense. By then PS3’s advantages should noticeable with a far greater first party and hardware will be better used to show the graphics edge.

  • I think you hit on something sporty. People fail to realize that this is the first sony system, to not be plagued with an significant defects. Although it was blown out of proportions for the PS2, i have yet to hear any major PS3 defect complaints. Apart from one guy having a startup issue that eventually worked itself out.

    Things will change for the better once the spring wave of games come, with Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Motorstorm all coming between now and Euro launch, there will be a definite increase in demand.