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PLAYSTATION 3 and External Hard Drives |

Recently I bought a external 500 GB hard drive to back up my iMac. I hooked it up to my PLAYSTATION 3 to see if it would see it. And it saw it just fine. Then I starting browsing through the backup data I had. I couldn’t’ go any deeper into the files. Seems the PS3 can only go 7 file folders deep into a hard drive.

I made 3 folders in the root of the hard drive (MUSIC, PHOTOS, VIDEO). Then copied over the media to the correct folder. In the Music folder I just copied over my whole iTunes library. I went to the hard drive under music. The iTunes Music folder showed up then I went into that folder and it said “There are no tracks”. So Then I tried Photos. I put all the photos in separate folders in the photo folder. Went to the hard drive again under photos. Got this “There are no images”. Ok, let’s try video. I put folders inside the video folder as well. It saw 3 folders. And the PS3 also saw the video files in those folders as well. But the I have the files folders set up as PSP > Family Guy > Then Actual Video Files. It didn’t even see that.

So instead of trying to work around this. Go to your hard drive then press Triangle & X. This will “Display All”. Then it will see all the folders you’ve made. But remember it only goes 7 file folders deep.

  • ehandlr

    i was wondering about this. I had this same problem..Now I want to try to see if I can see the rest….I don’t have anything 7 folders deep.

  • OK all directories should be in CAPS. I found that movies should have a .mp4 extension. Music must be MP3. itunes is propietary extension so if you ripped your CD’s from itunes, that is most likely your culprit.

    If your pictures are in .TIF or .png format, they also may not be seen.

    Anyway good luck. I’ve been playing with some video recompressors. I got one to work last night with H.263. Still not happy with it, but it’s improving.

  • Also I wish I could organize the videos on the PS3’s hard drive into folders as well.

  • I made these folders (PHOTO, MUSIC, VIDEO) at the root of the hard drive in caps actually. And that worked great 🙂

  • I think they should lift the folder limit on both the ps3 and psp. I dont see there being much of a reason for the restrictions. Personally I would like to have greater organization of my mp3’s, but since the psp only will go one or two folders deep, that idea doesnt go far.

  • ehandlr

    doesn’t the portable HDD also have to be FAT32?

  • PJ

    Then I did this. Then I did that. How about not starting every other sentence with the word “Then”. Sorry to be critical but that was an annoying read.

  • dave d

    dont worry about pj – it was not in the least bit annoing. I find all your articles interesting and well written.

  • Levi

    I agree with PJ, Bad grammar kills kittens.

  • dylan

    Wow, thanks for the help. I thought I ha formatted my drive wrong, but thanks for the simple work around.

  • Sure 🙂