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Resistance: Fall of Man – Breach & Clans |

Last night I played some more Call of Duty 3, and enjoyed the team play experience. But I wanted something different, so I decided to try a team game in Resistance: Fall of Man. One I hadn’t tried before. So I tried a game of Breach, not knowing much about it.

It turns out that the purpose of Breach is to destroy the other team’s reactor. There are other reactors on the map as well, which gives you other points to spawn at. They also give your home reactor additional defences, I think, though I saw no evidence of that. As a matter of fact, after playing two games of Breach, I wonder why anybody bothers with these secondary reactors at all.

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Anyway, like I said, I played two games of Breach. The second was just utter mayhem. It was played in Manchester, I think. The circular level with two sidebranches that hold the reactors. And it was nuts. The game was set up for unlimited amo. Both sides were roughly equal in numbers, but as soon as the game started the other team quickly captured all the other nodes and started in on our home base. I don’t know how they did that so fast. The rest of the game was just defending home base, with lots and lots and lots of grenades and rockets. It was pretty much a stalemate, so I did something I don’t like to do – quit the game. I don’t think I’ll play a game with unlimited amo again. While the craziness was a little fun, it just got tedious.

The first game I played was a lot better. I really should try to remember the names better, but it was played on that level with two little towns up on cliffs, with a valley filled with catwalks between the towns. I played a very good game actually, better than usual. In the last round, I had the highest number of kills, which is quite unusual for me. But don’t tell that to the guy who invited me to become part of a clan! After the round was done, I saw that I had an invite to join a clan, and I naturally accepted – why not? Now I just need to figure out what a clan does…

PS3Wiki Page on Resistance: Fall of Man

  • I still haven’t delved deeply into the Resistance multiplayer. I still need to beat the singleplayer campaign fully. I just setup a blue tooth headset so I could play Resistance. I need to get to that.

  • I’m the opposite with my FPS games. I haven’t played the single player version of R:FoM or CoD3 since nearly when I bought the games. Even back then, I hardly go into them before starting to play online. CoD3 I play exclusively online. R:FoM I play co-op with a friend every so often, plus online.

  • Ya, I played a unlimited ammo game once. It was awful! People use grenades non stop, very annoying! I’ll never play an unlimited ammo game again. I just stick to Ranked Games, it’s much better.

  • ehandlr

    I beat Resistance single player with no problem…I always play online but normally just single player deathmatch. It wasn’t until recently that I found that team battles are like a million times more fun. So I’m hooked and been playing team games ever since.

  • Rather

    There are a couple of things about Resistance that will help you navigate the maps. On the outside of the radar, you will often see an arc with an arrow that points you to the nearest node – neutral, yours, and opponents. Not the easiest thing to see when you first jump in, but that’s what it is. There is also a blue and green blob in the radar that tells you which direction the other teams reactor is. Also, you can tap a (default) d-pad button to get a heads up display map as you run around. This may help you navigate or go to nodes that are not necessarily the closest one on your map (and thus may be getting ignored by opponents). Note that when this map is up it’s very hard to see enemies so you are pretty vulnerable.

    In general I have found in Breach you want to try to get a node that helps you spawn closer to the other team’s reactor, but most nodes are worthless. I have never noticed any sort of base upgrade as a result of having more nodes.