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Devil May Cry 4 Website Update |

Red QueenThe DMC4 website was updated on Jan 10th (7 days ago :cry:) and I’m so excited with what has been added I could literally explode! πŸ˜€

Firstly there’s a 2nd video of Nero absolutely destroying any demons that are stupid enough to be within 20ft of him and I have to say, the game looks absolutely stunning!! You can watch the video below via GameTrailers, but the video on the DMC4 website (called Trial Vers.) is much better quality!

The background with the sun starting to set over the port is incredible and the surrounding areas all look incredibly well drawn with good use of shadows and lighting. I also like the little shockwave/screen blur that occurs when you damage your enemy with a powerful attack, it’s pretty cool. Nero looks to be just as good as Dante at dispatching demons with relative ease and with oodles of style. Although I do question his use of the term “slam dunk” during combat. πŸ˜•

If you check the Characters section there’s a little bit of info (in Japanese :cry:) about Kyrie and some images and concept art of Nero’s reported love interest.Blue Rose

Also in the Characters section is a blue box and in there you will find headings of HEAD, ACCESSORIES, DEVIL BRINGER, CLOTHING and LEGGINGS. If you click on each one you will be treated to images of Nero in various poses.

In the Weapons section, you can find some nice images of Nero’s Revolver, Blue Rose and Sword, Red Queen. There’s also some info about each weapon but it’s in Japanese so I’m clueless as to what it says. I must learn Japanese!!!

This is by far, the best thing I’ve seen on the PS3 but I’m totally biased towards DMC that it’s almost embarrassing. 8)

Also, check out my newly edited DMC4 Multiplay3r Wiki page, for all I know about the game so far. Bare in mind that it’s still a work in progress.

DMC4 Website Updated

  • Tom

    Can’t wait for this. That video made me a lot more interested in the games. 8)

  • My excitement meter for this game has just exploded. This is my no.1 anticipated game for the PS3 and probably my most anticipated game EVER!!

    DMC4>everything. 8)

  • EDIT2:

    Nahh DMC4 is worse than Segitz πŸ˜€ (if I do a “is smaller as” symbol, it cuts off the comments! Just delete the previous 3 ^^)

    I hope for you all guys, that this game turns out good, as I didnt too much like the prequels (although I own DMC 1, paid about 3 bucks on ebay ^^).

    But as its a big franchise on a new system, it is likely to be good (ignoring DMC2 for a moment).

    (dunno what happened there, it just cut off my comment!)

  • Pc

    DMC is the only hack n slach game i ever truly loved to play. I will pick this one up for sure, it will be another one of those great exclusives that you can only play on a PS3 !!

  • I personally preferred GoW, because I found the story very immersive and the artistic design (blood ^^) was more my cup of tea. I also found it too hard. I am a casual gamer (but I love hardware and playing around with it, thats also why I chose PS3 long ago, because of Linux) and I have no time to learn buttons by heart. I used to do that, when I was 14 while playing MK3, but that time is over.

    But, since my video rental store is again likely to be (nearly) Sony only (the manager is a friend of mine, pretty good thing though) this generation again, I will get it rented for a weekend (or try the demo first… theres bound to be one)

  • Pc

    I don’t know how, but i completely forgot about GoW.That is my favorite, but dmc is the only other hack n slash i like. I can’t wait for GoW II in March…..February and March will be 2 very great months for Playstation2 and 3 owners !!!

  • That gameplay video looks very cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Graphics looks very slick.

  • luke

    lmao, i like the 2nd paragraph

  • Luke, what’s so funny?

  • kitata sama

    i want to know is kyrie going to die or not pleas answer to me? and send your talks in my mail.

  • kitata sama

    my mail is [email protected]

  • Gary

    I don’t know who is going to die in DMC4, Kitata.

  • Ultra

    quote=it will be another one of those great exclusives that you can only play on a PS3 !!

    on pc and xbox too

  • Gary

    Yamato is used by Nero in DMC4.

  • No, Nero does use Yamato as a weapon, it’s how he activates his Devil Trigger. It’s not used the way Vergil used it in DMC3 if that’s what you’re asking?

  • madmarc

    yeh but his second fight against dante he dosent use yamato he uses redqueen

  • Yeah that’s right. You can’t choose to use it as your main weapon in Nero’s Human form.