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Final Fantasy XIII Demo at E3? |

C& reports that a member of the Square Enix dev team working on FFXIII, told Japanese magazine Dengeki that a playable FFXIII demo would hopefully be ready in time for E3 ’07. The new look and considerably smaller E3, is scheduled to take place sometime during June.

If there is a FFXIII demo at E3, I would expect it to be available to download from the PLAYSTATION Store at some point. Now that would be awesome!!

FFXIII Demo at E3?

  • I hope we get is as a download on the Playstation Store. I want to test it out! 🙂

  • ehandlr

    ….can’t wait… someone pass me a rubber tube..I need my FF fix.

  • Pc

    I’m willing to bet that FFXIII will be one of those deffinate system seller/eye popping games. It will be awesome if you can download this demo before the game actually comes out. The only problem i have with the demo’s of today are that the section of game you get to play isn’t actually as good as the final game. I wish we could play around with the final product, that way you could show your friends what they will be missing, or need to get !!
    One of my latest examples of this is: Motorstorm. It’s deffinately one of the best off-road racers i have ever played, but the final version is even better than the demo (graphics and physics..etc). I’m not griping btw…just hoping that one day the demo’s will show off the final product 🙂

  • WonderSteve

    Please let this be downloadable on the PS store.

    Or at least put it on the famitsu magazine which I can purchase at the Japan bookstore in my city.

  • Hopefully we’ll get some stuff on PSN. I wonder what MS will be bringing home now that the biggest gaming event of the West has been taken away.