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Three Downloadable Games for February and March |

Calling All Cars

Coming in March. Designed by David Jaffe of God of War fame, this downloadable title is highly anticipated.

Calling All Cars


Coming in February. Probably not the final name, but part of the Go! Puzzle series.



Coming in late February. Eat other organisms and grow your creature.


Also, Midway’s classic compilation with Gauntlet 2, Joust, Rampart, Rampage World Tour, Championship Sprint, and Mortal Kombat II, will be staggered for release starting in March. Offline and online multiplayer will be supported.

I’m definitely glad to see more original downloadable games coming soon. So far, Lemmings is my favorite: an excellent hi-def remake of a classic. Blast Factor is a fun game as well.

Which games are your favorites?

Chubigan’s Blog on the Topic.

  • ehandlr

    I think I want all 3 of these games.

  • I’ll take Calling All Cars and Joust. And the flOw demo to see what the fuss is about.

  • I’ll try the flow demo. I want Rampage World Tour. But that’s it.

    What I really want is Tekken DR!!!

  • ehandlr

    Flow is a basic nice relaxing game…nothing more..nothing spectacular..just pretty and sounds cool.

  • Pc

    I guess i’ll be getting all three of these titles. I love downloading games 🙂

  • Flow and Calling All Cars seem interesting


    Interview with David Jaffe at 1up

  • Sporty

    He’s always refreshing in interviews. I love how he brought up how 1up’s web site is too damn slow to load.