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Stranglehold Trailer and Game Info |

Before Max Payne popularised ‘Bullet Time’, John Woo was making waves with his slow mo, cool as anything, gun battles in films like Hard Boiled, starring Chow Yun Fat as Inspector Tequila. John Woo’s Stranglehold is set a few years after the events of Hard Boiled and has the input of both John Woo and Chow Yun Fat in the project.

GameSpot spoke to Stranglehold director Brian Eddy about how the game was progressing and a number of cool features that gamers could try out when it’s released sometime this Summer.

Players can perform Tequila Bombs in Stranglehold with different TB resulting in different actions:

Precision Aim – This allows players to go into first person where they can directly target critical hit points on an enemy to take them out with one-shot kills, or even focus on an element in the environment with precise aim, such as a propane tank causing a massive explosion in one area. It’s also great for those guys hiding behind cover that may be hard to hit otherwise. We consider this to be a good long-range attack.

Barrage – This move unleashes a flurry of bullets at high speed that takes out any enemies (and their cover) that are in your path. This is a great focused frontal attack. If a bunch of enemies are running directly toward you, barrage is the perfect attack to take them out quickly. It’s also a lot of fun to blow up the environment around the enemies to take them out with falling debris.

Spin Attack – This is a medium range 360 degree attack in the vein of the “smart bombs” in old arcade games that clear all the enemies in the immediate area surrounding you.

Each of these Tequila bombs has a specific tactical function. Precision aim for long-range enemies, barrage for straight-on frontal attacks, and spin for when enemies surround you.

Mexican standoff is a key stylistic feature of John Woo, so we knew we had to include it in some form. We’ve made it into a quick mini-game of fast-action choices just like you would see in John Woo’s movies.

There isn’t going to be much difference between the PS3, 360 and PC versions of the game but they will be some use for the tilt control in the SIXAXIS.

I love action games and I’m starting to take notice of Stranglehold. I’ll wait until it’s reviewed before I make a decision but the trailer below certainly impresses! 😆

Stranglehold Q&A

John Woo’s Stranglehold Trailer

  • Can’t wait for this game!

  • You own a 360 right, Phaethon? Will you buy multi-format games for the 360 or PS3?

    If you haven’t got a 360 then ignore it but maybe someone else like Sporty could answer that question?

  • Pc

    I like games like this because of Max Payne. The physics, graphics, and gunplay look awesome in Stranglehold. I’ll wait for a review to pop up before i make a purchase, but i’m liking it so far.

  • I’m probably going to get them for 360. I love the 360’s controller, and rumble is pretty big issue for me in shooters. Not to mention the online achievement point system. If I’m going to be paying $60 for these games, I’ve got to feel like I’m getting the most from them. If the multi-platform releases end up coming earlier on PS3, then I’ll probably get them on that.

    It’s funny you ask me that question now, because its something I recently considered. On one hand, I love the 360’s infrastructure, but with the PS3 I have a console I just spent $600 and have a limited library of games for it (most I already own or have played months ago on 360). With MotorStorm being delayed till March, and Heavenly Sword being given its tentative Q2 release date, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be playing on my PS3.