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Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Vid |

I used to love my 2D beat em ups on the PSone, especially Tekken, but I haven’t played a single 2D/3D beat em up on my PS2 at all. This is strange because I love Martial Arts and I really enjoyed Tekken at the time aswell, but my interest in the genre just hasn’t been there. My head may have been turned back towards this genre after watching Virtua Fighter 5 in action.

They have done a good job differentiating between the various Martial Arts featured in the game and, quite frankly, it looks great! The Street Wrestling vid is quite cool with the rain soaked ground and bodies looking pretty nice. VF5 is also rumoured to be 1080p compatible, although this has not been officially confirmed.

I might be tempted to pick this up at some point, I just hope you are able to do submissions or a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu type fighter is in the game…

Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Videos

  • ehandlr

    I want to see Tony Jaa Muay Thai damn it lol

  • 😯

    Now that would be absolutely awesome!!!!

    Tony Jaa and Rickson Gracie in VF would be mind blowing and I would definitely buy it!

  • ehandlr

    Tony Jaa > all

    this is undebateable 😛

  • Yeah Tony Jaa has a similar screen presence to Bruce Lee. He’s absolutely awesome.

  • ehandlr

    I seriously enjoy his films and his style. I really like him because he is there to promote his art and not himself.

    I’m not a fan of Bruce Lee…but thats another story another time…

    Favorable Mentions
    Donnie Yen
    Mark Dascascas

  • He is doing for Muay Thai what Bruce did for Martial Arts in general back in the 60s, 70s, 80s (when I was growing up) and even to the present day.

    Anyway….VF5 looks pretty sweet. 😆

  • ehandlr

    Its hard not to be the best when your the only. Thats how I look at Bruce. He originally enrolled in Tai Chi Chuan as his first martial art…upon finding out how hard it was and how long it took to master he dropped out and took up Wing Chun (sp). Only after 4 years of practice (I took 9+ years myself) he left for America.

    One of his key teachings early on was “A kick above the waist, is a waste of energy.” He taught this until he met Chuck Norris. Now Chuck is good too….but not amazing. Chuck taught Bruce how to kick high and make it worth the energy spent. So Bruce learned something so simple from a not so amazing martial artist….

    Dont’ get me wrong…Bruce was great…skilled…and probably unrivaled by most…but he isn’t the idol or pinnacle that people put him up to be…at least in my opinion.

  • I’m finding it hard to get excited for VF5. I personally never took much interest in the VF saga (always getting kicked while down never appealed to me in a video game). Not to mention the lack of online play. I can’t quite put my finger on what turns me off on the graphics either. It just doesn’t seem to have as consistent an art style, or look as sharp as DOA4. Not to mention the animations don’t seem as fluid.

  • I have always preferred Tekken and Soul Calibur when it comes to fighting games. The animations and sound effects have always turned me off from VF. The characters move in a wierd way, where its varies back and forth between molasses slow and lighting fast. DOA4 and VF5 suffer from the same “Shiny Sauce” that coats absolutely everything. Instead of looking more detailed or more realistic, it all comes off like everything has been covered in spray gloss. I’ll still pick it up, but it will only be a placeholder for TEKKEN 6 or Soul Calibur 4.