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Harmonix Out, Neversoft In |

First there was Frequency, one of the best multiplayer games my friends and I play on the PS2. (It was a music game.) By Harmonix. Then came Amplitude, the sequel, also by Harmonix. It improved on Frequency in some ways, but we thought that the sense of actually playing the instruments had decreased. Plus the song selection wasn’t as good.

Then came Guitar Hero, which was a game very similar to the first two by Harmonix, but it was just about guitars, of course. And the great song selection was back. And then Guitar Hero II, of course. Also by Harmonix.

But now Harmonix is out, and Neversoft is in. RedOctane, now owned by Activision, will be using Neversoft instead to continue developing sequels after Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 is released.

And get this, in the interview they state that they have only announced plans for the Xbox 360 and no other next-gen platform. That contradicts earlier reports by Activision that said Guitar Hero II will make it to all major next-gen platforms (or something like that).

Activision/RedOctane, if you’re listening, we want Guitar Hero for the PS3 !!!

RedOctane Speaks Out on Guitar Hero’s Future
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  • It will surely come.

    Sony is no child sadness (lol, german proverb… does not make sense in english, does it?), when it comes to “different” games (like Singstar, Buzz, Eyetoy, Rez etc…), they will surely give Neversoft the opportunity to use the PS Network for downloading songs and whatnot.

    I dont think, there’ll be no GH for PS3… Just give them some time, its not like, this is the most demanding title hardwarewise (maybe for the guitar controller, but not the ps3, mine still works like a charm).

  • Darrin

    Harmonix is out? For Guitar Hero, yes, but they are working on on a new music title… I can’t wait to see what it is. That whole music/rhythm genre is about to explode.

  • Darrin

    BTW, there is already a Guitar Hero scheduled for PS3 later this year

  • Joe

    I’m a bit sceptical of this move. Harmonix have bags of experience producing games in this style. Neversoft have basically been producing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and not much else. I know it shouldn’t be a problem to develop a sequel to an already existing game, but they better not screw it up!

    Oh well, at least we get a new project from Harmonix. I’m looking forward to that one!