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Japanese PS3’s Get Firmware 1.5 |

The PlayStation Store will have some more payment options. Currently you can only pay via credit card. Now the PS3 will accept the “Edy” system pre-paid electronic money. You’ll need a IC Reader/Writer connected to your PS3. Sony is also updating the PlayStation 2 backwards backwards compatibility. You’ll also be able to use your own photo as your system user icon. There is no word of a North America release yet.

PS3 firmware version 1.5 (almost) ready for download


  1. My own icon! Finally!

  2. I’ve been waiting for that as well 😀

  3. Then Europe will get 2.0 with lots of features 😀

    I swear to you!

    (I am happy, my Notebook came back from warranty today… HD crash. They also changed the dvd drive, which was perfectly in order… dunno why)

  4. they usually have the x.0 update coincide with some major event. So europe launch will be probably when we see 2.0. PSP’s 3.0 update roughly coincided with the PS3 launch.

  5. Sony sure is working hard and keeping these updates coming quickly. I like the way their doing things as of now 🙂

  6. but can i download something from the store and play a game?

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