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Orb Brings PC Media to PS3 |

I’m not exactly sure from this press release how it works, but Orb Networks announced that they will allow you to stream your media content from your PC to your PS3. The article on eHomeUpgrade says “The breakthrough gives PS3 users the ability to stream any kind of media from their PC to the TV through the Internet for the first time”. Which is kind of weird, because I don’t want to stream it over the internet. That’s just crazy talk. Or not. Because I think that’s how it actually works.

Not only that, but the Orb software also lets you watch YouTube videos and stuff from the web.

Crazy stuff.

Orb Networks Gives Playstation 3 Gamers TV Access to All Their PCs’ Digital Media

  • i’ve used orb from pc to pc, over the internet. i’ll give it a try on my ps3

  • Pc

    This sounds awesome because i have alot of music, videos, and pics that i would like to copy to my PS3 hdd…..that is, once i get a PS3 🙂

  • here is basically how it works:
    * you run the orb application on your PC. it acts as a server. it lets you stream your videos, music etc on your PC over the web. you can control who can access it by creating users/passwords etc.
    * from your PS3 you log into the website and can access all of your video and music etc. the PS3 version of the client uses flash to stream your video. the orb software re-encodes it on the fly.

    unfortunately, so far i’ve had pretty mixed results with this. some videos seem to play ok, if a little blurry, but others have all kinds of weird artifacts. some videos wouldn’t play at all.

    but it’s free, so it’s worth a shot.