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IGN: SingStar PS3 UK Interview |

Wanna talk about non-traditional games? How about sing-along games? I know it’s not the kind of game I put number one on my Christmas list. Or number two or three, for that matter. But I betcha if I bought this for my wife, she and her friends would have a blast playing SingStar.

SingStar is really popular in Europe, but it’s not so popular over here. But SingStar for the PS3 is nevertheless making its way to our shores here in North America with downloadable games and the ability to share your performances with others. Uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea!

In any case, IGN has a good interview with those SingStar folk, so check it out.

SingStar PS3 UK Interview

  • Børten

    Could this help Sony?
    “..There arent any good games for the console..” “..It’s too expensive..”

    I’ve been a huge fan of Singstar since the euro-launch, and my “nongamer” friends love it!
    A couple sixpacks of beer, and the players really take off 😉
    It’s NOT nice to listen to, but, hey, its fun!

    Downloadable content is a great way to go. I would be more supprised if they didn’t have download. Let’s just hope the prizing also follows the iTunes-model. (read : cheap.)

    And uploadind vid’s of my singing..?? Don’t think I will let other community members share the pain of watching 😀

    But what to record with? Ps2EyeToy? Regular camcorder by usb? Webcam? PS3EyeToy??
    And the mics? Will we use the old ones from Ps2, or do we get new bluetooth-mics?

    Only time will tell, but one things for sure. I will get a copy if Singstar for PS3 as soon as it launch! (Just need a PS3 first.. In March? .. April? ..March? ..2007?)

    And to all of the US readers:

    Try Singstar. It’s fun!

  • We bought SingStar Rocks! just before Christmas and it was a hit for Christmas and New years. My relatives didn’t leave till after 3:00am either day. My nephew was addicted to “Dance, Dance”

    Try beating a 9100 on that!

  • Darrin

    This game looks awesome. I will probably buy it to watch my girlfriend and friends play, but personally, I just don’t karaoke. I really can’t wait for this game to come out.

  • Børten

    MoLe :
    I’ll buy Dance Dance on Singstore, and give it go.. 9100 is alot of points for my voice 😀

    Darrin :
    Just wait till your girlfriend and friends start singing. After a couple of songs you WILL wanna try it 😉

  • WoW

    350 tracks at launch. Anybody would be hard pressed not to find a couple of awesome tracks to suit them. Really looking forward to this. I love my music, but have never bought SS. I’ll probably buy this for the customised tracklist.