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CoD3 Frustration |

Last night I had what must have been one of my most frustrating game sessions playing Call of Duty 3 on my PS3. First off, there were only 2 people online playing Headquarters. You can’t play with just two people. This has been a trend recently – fewer and fewer people playing my favourite mode – Headquarters. Don’t people realize how awesome it is?

Then, I played some other games and always ended up somehow on the losing side. I also encountered some team killers, which is never fun. And once I blasted a guy with my shotgun four times in a row from about two meters away and he didn’t die. That’s was quite frustrating. Just because I know it was probably due to lag doesn’t help my frustration level.

And last of all, I’m starting to get tired of dying without seeing my killer. Playing CoD2 at work on a network of PC’s, I usually know who killed me. Either I saw them actually fire the weapon, or the red dot shows up on my radar showing me where my probable killer was. Playing on my PS3, at least half the time I have no idea who killed me, which is very frustrating.


  • I can really feal your frustration.

    And these also are some of the culprits, why I seldomly play FPS games, especially online. I am mostly too bad at it.

    I was a real crack at Quake 3 Arena, when I was regularly playing it, but even getting into some other games is mostly too hard for me and too time consuming. I prefer other games online, like NWN2, which is pretty nice online, or Command and Conquer.

    But thats just my taste of things. I always preferred RTS and RP Games over FPS.

  • matt

    This is all part of the growing pains the PS3 online experience is going to suffer from. Once there are more machines sold (and more importantly connected online) this won’t be such an issue. You will also find that if you don’t buy a game when it is released the online may be bad 3-4 months after because everyone has moved onto a new game.

    Developers are still figuring out how to maximize the PS3 online so that there isn’t any lag. This shouldn’t take them long, the second game a developer makes should be much better than the first.

    PS3 needs a Halo type of online game. With millions of people playing online you are more likely to have ample oppurtunity to play the board and type of game that you prefer.

    I think MotorStorm will be that game (the first good, popular online game). It should sell a few million copies the first few months and many people will get their PS3 online to play it.

    I went through the same frustrations a few years ago with the original Xbox when Live first debuted. By Christmas the majority of the PS3s online problems will be solved. Henning just try to be patient.