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DMC4 Website Now in English! |

I’ve dreamt of this day since the official Devil May Cry 4 website went live last year. You can now choose between English and Japanese languages when you visit the website. Great news for everybody who doesn’t understand Japanese!

Nothing new has been added since I last wrote about the previous update here.

I will leave you with the English version of the Story section:

The castle town of Fortuna, situated on the coast, plays host to a distinctive culture centered around a unique religion. It is home to the Order of the Sword, a religious organization that worships the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, a demon that rejected his lineage and fought against his own kind on behalf of humanity. Like Sparda, the Order of the Sword has decreed it’s desire to eliminate all demon kind and established a special brigade of Holy Knights to carry out this cause.

However, the Devil Hunter Dante had other plans for the group – suddenly appearing and executing it’s members…

Fools!! They obviously plan to kill Dante as he has demon blood running through his veins, despite him following in his father’s footsteps. Who’s willing to bet that Nero turns out to be Vergil’s son? 😯 Let’s see what the Order of the Sword thinks about that!! 😈

Devil May Cry 4 Website Now in English

  • What if Nero’s Dante’s son? Remember that wise crack Dante made after defeating a boss ( either the scorpion boss or the bird boss, I’ve forgotten ) in DMC1? I’ll have to play it again for the exact quote, but Dante mentioned something about having a son. Don’t know if it was entended as a joke or not.

  • Hmm I’ll also have to play it again but that could be interesting if it’s true. Nero has to be either Vergil or Dante’s son. How else can you explain his uncanny resemblance to both Dante and Vergil?

    I hope DMC4 is released this year. I have every hope it will be. 8)

  • Segitz

    Is there any updates on the damn PSU rumor for DMC4 going multiplat? Of course, as it is just a rumor from a questionable source, I couldnt care less, but I just dont begrudge it coming to the 360 ( 😀 , dunno if this makes sense… Dictionairys sometimes are strange)

  • Capcom has already stated that the 360 gets Dead Rising and Lost Planet while the PS3 gets DMC4 and Monster Hunter. All 2 systems will get Resident Evil 5. I’ve heard recently that they also said that they want to make DMC4 a game that only the PS3 can play and they want to make the game so cool that people would buy a PS3 just for DMC4.

    Maybe MS is trying to throw some money Capcom’s way for the game. That’s why these rumors won’t die.

  • I found it! It was the last fight against Mundus. Mundus says he’ll be back & Dante replies “Goodbye. And when you get back send my regards to my son.”

  • Now that would be crazy if Nero is Dante’s son. But wouldn’t Nero not have the abiltiy to transform into a demon like Dante as he has the same blood running through his veins?

    Well I’m now 99% sure Nero is either Dante or Vergil’s son. 8)

  • carla

    it is coming to the 360 and i think he is more dante’s son than virgil the video looks briliant.

  • billy

    But remember, Nero got a Blue devil trigger, and when Nero transform to a devil its it blue and lock like Vergil…. I DONT KNOW…is he dante´s or vergil son :S