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More Lair Details |

GameFront has revealed some new details about Factor 5’s PS3 title Lair. The basic story is the knight seen in the trailers is participating in a war that spans the whole continent. And the dragons are bred for one reason only, to fight.

The dragon that you ride can burn or eat other soldiers. You can also swat away smaller opponents with it’s tail or it’s wings. Most fights will be close combat. And you can also “hijack” other hostile dragons. Lair will feature mission based arenas up to 32 square kilometers.

Game Informer reveals more details on Lair

  • I have high hopes for Lair. It’s one of the few games that has been developed to use the tilt control in the SIXAXIS rather than something added on as an extra.

    It also looks fantastic so hopefully it plays aswell as it looks.

    Hopefully it’s not inspired by Drakengaard, which wasn’t rubbish but it also wasn’t great. The Dragon flying sections were a lot of fun compared to the on-foot bits which made Dynasty Warriors seem like a AAA title, and I love the DW games.

  • I’m excited about this title as well. Flying a dragon with the sixaxis controller sounds like fun. I just hope the gameplay is fun. Game graphics wise, looks amazing.

  • Segitz

    I loved Drakan – The Order of the Flame (only the first one, never got the second, which was only avail. for PS2 afaik)… Played it thru several times… It was quite hard on hard ^^

    I dont know the formula yet (preferred flying in Drakan) of what Lair will be, but I also have high hopes for it.