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SingStar PS3 Video Intro |

I’m of two minds about SingStar. On the one hand, it’s a game I think that my wife would enjoy playing. On the other hand, do I really want my wife hogging all my PS3 time? On the other hand, it does look like a fun game. But on my last hand, you do have to sing, which is not something I’m all that into.

But I still think it’s a cool game, and I think it’s great that Sony is putting this franchise onto the PS3, because it draws all sorts of non-gamers into the gaming fold. And that’s exactly what Sony (and the others) need to increase their marketshare. Some cool, fun, and easily accessible games.

SingStar PS3 Intro

  • Segitz

    I have all (or rather my brother and his gf) SS games. Its a fun drinking game, if your neighbors dont get disturbed easily…

    I like the downloader feature. More often than not, there are some really bad songs, just to push the envelope. These fillers are just annoying. Nobody sings them and nobody wants them, so we can finally get rid of them.

  • I enjoy singing, although anybody within ear shot of my singing will say otherwise, so SingStar may be a good purchase at some point in the future.

    Although it will probably only be played when I have the place to myself.