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PS3 Steering Wheel Force Feedback Works! |

I just got Need for Speed: Carbon for the PS3. I put in the disc, booted up the game, selected “Quick Race”, and started playing with my Driving Force Pro. What did I notice?

Force Feedback!

Both the jarring rumble when you crash and the more subtle pulls on the wheel when you start to lose traction with the road. This is with a plain US PS3 and a plain US copy of NFS: Carbon. No special tricks or settings are required for this at all. And this isn’t me quoting someone else, or reading into something. I felt this with my own two hands.

Remember, earlier this month, when waves of web sites reported that the PS3 was uncapable of doing force feedback, even with third party steering wheels? Apparently, testing this out wasn’t hard at all, and this rumor is completely, 100%, categorically untrue.

Of course, none of those sites posted updates or tried to correct this error. Even today, you can Google “ps3 steering wheel force feedback” (no quotes in actual query string) and get links like this, all claiming that this is impossible and even officially confirmed as such by Sony themselves:

Ars Technica
Netscape Games

Embarrassingly, even this blog reported on this story: – PS3 doesn’t support force feedback

However, we did update this rather quickly.

UPDATE: Many people say Ridge Racer 7 also supports force feedback (I couldn’t test myself). The free GT:HD doesn’t support force feedback.

Other very minor changes.

  • That’s great news, I wonder if they’ll ever bring rumble back for all PS3 games.

  • Tom

    To be fair I don’t have a PS3! I was just reporting what everyone else was saying based on the GTHD demo. This issue is important to me and I didn’t want to risk it sliding under the radar! :p

    Nevertheless… Does the force feedback work with GTHD?! That’s where it really comes into its own.

  • User

    It can’t be true. Sony isn’t allowed to use any force feed back both in software and hardware.

  • Darrin

    Sorry to pick on you Tom. I know you’re in Europe so you can’t even get a PS3. I’ll edit and soften that up a little later today. I love your other posts, btw.

  • Darrin

    GT:HD does not support force feedback. This is odd, because GT:HD has extensive options screens for steering wheel controllers and supports the full 800 degrees of steering freedom (which NFS doesn’t do), and of course GT4 had very polished and varied force feedback effects.

  • Segitz

    User, do your freakin research!

    Rumble != Force Feedback (as in Outrun in the Arcades, and even if they had a patent on THAT, it would have expired by now, as OR is more than 20 years old!)

    FF, the thing were the steering wheel pushes the wheel in one or the other direction has NOTHING to do with rumble, were your pad… well, rumbles!

    I’ve read the (newer) japan version supports rumble. Maybe it wasnt in the first revision of the demo, which is still the recent version in the us.

    My Logitech Wheel (the one from Gran Turismo 3) bares no whatsoever sign on it (or even the drivers and whatnot) of Immersion. The same goes for my MS Sidewinder FF joystick.

    Highly unlikely if you ask me.

  • Tom

    You see, that’s what concerns me. Why does NfS:C support it, but not GTHD? And that was my big fear in that original posting. I was hoping that by promoting the issue the folks from Sony would take notice and realise that it is a big deal, particularly considering GTHD is one of SCEI’s flagship titles.

    Fingers crossed that the message will have got through. I really want GT5 to be ‘complete’!

  • animadverto

    FYI: covered your article, good job!

  • Sporty

    User, your talking out of ignorance.

    The Rumble lawsuit was only the way the controller implimeted the feedback. They can use it in software or change the implimentation of rumble in the controller all they want.

    Hell they can even license their old tech from the patent squaters if they wanted to give in. Saying blanket statements like they aren’t allowed is just retarded.

  • Nick

    Yeah its been know for a while that in NFS Carbon FF works, however, in GT HD Demo and in the Formula 1 game coming out soon, FF WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED.

    Hmmm, a F1 with no FF?? Developed by sony?? That is fishy.

    Maybe EA has a deal with immmersion or something to allow their games to have FF??

  • Sagarat

    How the hell does the sixaxis controller support driving-wheel-force-feedback? If you put it on the floor, will it piviot and rotate based on in-game inputs? If you hold it will it develope perpetual torque around a vertical axis? NO IT WONT.
    The ‘force feedback’ in FF wheels has nothing to do with Rumble/Vibration/DualShock2/Imersion/Sixaxis/Non-wheel perepherials, and I am sick of all these articles posting all this gibberish.

  • Darrin

    Nick, plenty of people did know about this a while ago. But most people don’t and almost every major game site still says that this is impossible. I wanted to confirm this for myself before I spoke up any further.

    I’ll agree the lack of FF support in the GT:HD demo is fishy. I will dig into this further…

    Sagarat, we are talking about steering wheel controllers. We are NOT talking about the sixaxis at all.

  • Hakobus

    Did you even read the articles you linked? At least the Joystiq one does not “claim that this is impossible “, they offer a quote from Sony on the matter, and then explain that most likely this will not have any effect on what third parties do with their games and/or steering wheel peripherals.

  • Darrin

    Hakobus, yes I did. I disagree with you completely. The joystiq article was titled “PS3 won’t support force feedback wheels”. That is very clear and 100% wrong.

  • François

    In GTHD, in the menu and right before the race starts, we can feel that there is force feedback on the wheel (the wheel is harder to rotate). As soon as the race starts, the wheels turns loose. I was thinking maybe they just disabled the FF for the demo and will be have it enabled in the full version. We will see.

  • There is the possibility that PS2 games on the PS3 may have rumble.
    The official PlayStation UK magazine said they had a steering wheel work on PS2 games by connecting it via usb. This could mean that if you connect a dualshock pad to the PS3 via a usb to PS2 controller – then you have rumble! I will wait untill i get mine on day of release to tell you!

  • Imhotep

    To end all of this if it will work or not.. Force Feed will work on PS3. Either the new G25 or the old DFP with both 900Deg turn will work great on GTHD. But on Dirt or F1 it will work but not the full function like the 900deg only 200deg and the H pattern will only work for tiptronic and no clutch.

  • JGordonsGay

    The Logitech driving force, force feedback wheel I have that is about four years old supports rumble when you hit a rough spot on the track and force feedback (wheel turning by itself) when you loose control of your car. I found the wheel to be more responsive on my PS3 than it was on my PS2. All this on NASCAR 08! It might be because they didnt take it out of the PS3 version and it has always been supported on the PS2 version, ALL I KNOW IS THAT IT ROCKS !!!!!!!!!

  • palewhitemale

    1. The game is called Gran Turismo HD CONCEPT. It is a demo. Everybody who’s been following it’s development knows about the delays, mid-stream changes in their actual numbering and development order, etc.

    2. I don’t think that the car physics are at all final, either, but that’s just a hunch, having beaten the entire franchise at >90%. For my $.02, the entire product is VERY unpolished.

    3. Considering GTHD CONCEPT to be the defacto baseline for car games (sims), is a bit of an insult to some of the other developers out there.

    I suggest you try DiRT, which incidentally includes a whole options frame for the FF on the available Logitech Wheel.


  • Rachel

    Hello All – please help!!

    I’m trying to get my boyfriend a steering wheel for his PS3 but can’t seem to find out which is the best one to get.

    Any ideas?


  • Darrin
  • craig

    can i use the guitar from ROCKBAND as the second guitar controler for GUITARHERO III