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65nm CELL Production Started? |

PlayStation Universe says that production of 65nm Cell chips has already begun. This is significant because these chips are cheaper to produce than previous chips, thus allowing Sony to save some money on PS3 production. Also, the chips run cooler, so the fans won’t have to be so noisy. I know people say how quiet the PS3 is, but it’s not quiet enough for movie watching.

I wonder how long it’ll be before Sony will actually start using these chips. Assuming, of course, that PlayStation Universe has it right.

65nm CELL processor production started

  • Sporty

    I remember reading last year how they were entering 65nm production early in the year but this is earlier then I expected.

    And Finaly someone else that thinks the way I do. Although PS3 is whisper quite, I get annoyed with ANY sound while watching a movie. I can’t stand having any noise while watching a movie, hell even the heater in my house gets on my nerves, lol. I am just waiting for a stand alone player to hit ~$200 to not have to use my PS3 while watching Blu-Rays.

    The 360 is insanely loud so the HD-DVD add-on was out of the question once I first hooked my 360 up.

    I guess that’s the price you pay for being a a/v phile. I hate having to turn up the volume at night to cover the sound just to have a loud scene blast on my reciever at 2 a.m.

  • Knighthawk

    The PS3 fan is too noisey when playing movies? Do you guys watch your movies with no sound? Sorry, not to be rude, but that is by far the lamest complaint I have heard about the PS3 thus far! You can barely hear the PS3 with your ear right next to the damn thing, get real!

  • Sporty

    I’m not saying the PS3 is too loud. I’m saying I dont want any sound while watching a movie outside the soundtrack. If your not an audiophile you just dont get it then. I stay up later then everyone else here and I dont like to crank up my home theater to drowned out any extra noise in the middle of the night and have a loud scene blast out and wake everyone up.

  • Segitz

    I built my PC with low noise in mind. It was a bit more expensive, yet it was worth it. Working with it, building models with CAD, is a matter of concentration and noise is a concentration killer.

    I dont really mind my PS2 (Rev 3), which is rather loud, as I play. But when watching DVDs I find it too loud (Watch “Das Boot”. There’s a scene, were the crew needs to stay as quiet as possible (Schleichfahrt) and then the noise of the PS2 really hurts the immersion), thats why I mostly use my PC for watching DVDs (my TV has VGA in).

  • Kighthawk: I can definitely hear my PS3 from my seating position 10 feet away. Normally it’s not an issue because the sound of the game or movie covers up the sound of the PS3. But not during quiet scenes, like often happens in movies.

  • matt

    Sporty you should check your receiver to see if it has a Night setting. This would keep the sound levels the same, even during louder scenes. I also am a night owl and I find this feature to be very nice. My Onkyo receiver is pretty old (4-5 years) and has it. If you have a decent receiver it should have this feature too. Check you manual.

    Noise from a console is a concern for my when I watch movies. This is why I never use a console to watch movies (also the extended play can shorten the life of my console). I am in no hurry to jump into the next gen movie format war until the end is a little clearer. I can also wait for the prices of players and movies to drop. Cable may not have the best HD quality but with HD on Demand and the premium channels I have it is enough for a while.

  • Knighthawk

    Henning: Where do you have your PS3 sitting? Is it in a tight space or do you have it out in the open? I know my buddy had it enclosed in his wall unit and it was making some ugly noise due to poor air flow. I honestly can not hear my PS3 unless I go very close to it, sound or no sound running!

  • My PS3 is sitting on top of a rack out in the open:

  • I found the sound from the PS3 is slightly less apparent vertical as opposed to horizontal. Maybe its just me, or im just hearing things.

  • yomom

    ya, I find it quieter when it is standing vertical to? but does anyone remember what sony said at the launch of the ps3 and at e3? they said it will be so quiet you won’t be able to hear it unless u are 3-6 inches away from it. It is quiet until it heats up, than it is almost as loud as the 360? that is WAY TO DAMN LOUD,, i was really dissapointed when i heard the full noise of the ps3? It is a great stable system, but the noise.

  • yomom

    i called sony and they said to take out the hard drive and put it back in, that should fix the problem, mine is now much quieter