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SIXAXIS Rumble via SplitFish? |

So the biggest thing about the PS3 controller is that it now has tilt functionality. The PS3 can detect when you move or rotate the controller, in 3 axes each. The second-biggest thing about the PS3 controller is that it does not have rumble. And people have been talking about it ever since. Yadda rumble this, yadda rumble that.

Some of the talk is about Immersion and whether or not Sony would settle their suit with them so that they could use rumble.

But now SplitFish says that they’d be able to supply Sony with rumble for their controller without trespassing on Immersion’s patents. So now the ball is in Sony’s court – will they or won’t they? Somehow I doubt it.

SplitFish Could Make Sony’s SIXAXIS Rumble

  • this just seems like an attention-getting PR ploy from this company.

  • Martin

    Sony is not going to change the controller this generation. First of all that’s a sign of weakness, second of all Sony is known for making a plan and sticking with it. Like they always say themself; we’re in this for the long run.

  • Pc

    I would love to see the six-axis have some kind of rumble added to it. That would deffinately make it the best controller ever !!!!

  • Burten

    I agree with Pc. I’m sure gonna miss rumble in the near future..

  • Segitz

    I think, Sony could add rumble to it. It would not divide “haves” with “have-nots”. It is not an essential upgrade like the 32x for the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive in Europe or Japan). Sony did this with the PSone also. Analogue sticks and rumble were nowhere to be seen yet (in console bundles). Even Nintendo had the rumble addon for the N64.

    But, as it is not a joint venture announcement, it is rather likely that SplitFish has no agreement with Sony (yet) and tries to persuade them through this announcement.

    I wouldnt mind rumble, but I dont miss it. Most of the time, I switch it off. My old PS1 pad (w/o analogue sticks) doesnt have it, yet I use it frequently for games like Tekken.

    And yes, it would be the best controller, if it had rumble. Combining both worlds, yet not disbanding the “handiness” of the design (I cant imagine games like Tekken or Metal Gear with the Wiimote).

  • I agree that this is a PR effort on SplitFish’s part. But that doesn’t change the fact that they seem to have a rumble solution that doesn’t violate Immersion’s patents. As well, you can’t deny that a controller with rumble is better than a controller without, all other things being equal. I actually miss rumble more than I thought I would. It’s not a deal breaker, of course, but I’d like it back.

  • matt

    They could introduce a new controller with rumble. This wouldn’t be the first time a console maker changed the original controller (Xbox- Duke to Controller S and the PS1 as mentioned above to name a few).

    I am hoping that they somehow come out with a controller with rumble. I really like the feature in games and hope Sony somehow gets it back into the SIXAXIS before I buy my PS3.

  • luke

    do it sony. like, NOW