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More Lair Details

GameFront has revealed some new details about Factor 5’s PS3 title Lair. The basic story is the knight seen in the trailers is participating in a war that spans the whole continent. And the dragons are bred for one reason only, to fight.

The dragon that you ride can burn or eat other soldiers. You can also swat away smaller opponents with it’s tail or it’s wings. Most fights will be close combat. And you can also “hijack” other hostile dragons. Lair will feature mission based arenas up to 32 square kilometers.

Game Informer reveals more details on Lair


DMC4 Website Now in English!

I’ve dreamt of this day since the official Devil May Cry 4 website went live last year. You can now choose between English and Japanese languages when you visit the website. Great news for everybody who doesn’t understand Japanese!

Nothing new has been added since I last wrote about the previous update here.

I will leave you with the English version of the Story section:

The castle town of Fortuna, situated on the coast, plays host to a distinctive culture centered around a unique religion. It is home to the Order of the Sword, a religious organization that worships the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, a demon that rejected his lineage and fought against his own kind on behalf of humanity. Like Sparda, the Order of the Sword has decreed it’s desire to eliminate all demon kind and established a special brigade of Holy Knights to carry out this cause.

However, the Devil Hunter Dante had other plans for the group – suddenly appearing and executing it’s members…

Fools!! They obviously plan to kill Dante as he has demon blood running through his veins, despite him following in his father’s footsteps. Who’s willing to bet that Nero turns out to be Vergil’s son? 😯 Let’s see what the Order of the Sword thinks about that!! 😈

Devil May Cry 4 Website Now in English


PS3Wiki Game Pages

Hey everyone. You may not realize, but we’ve been hard at work setting up a PS3 Wiki. I’ve been trying to set it up in a logical fashion so that you can get any information you need about the PS3 easily. One thing I did is create a page for PS3 games. The problem is that there are a lot of games, with no way to update those game pages without basically giving my life away.

So I’m looking for some people to adopt a game page. If you’re a big fan of a particular PS3 game and would like to contribute to the PS3 community, please reply here. There are several game pages already started, like the Call of Duty 3 PS3 Wiki page and the Resistance PS3 Wiki page, but we need help with both those pages and others. It’s relatively straightforward to give a nice description, talk about how to play the game, and give people resources for playing the game. I’ve even created a template that makes it easier.

You don’t even need to own a PS3 to edit a PS3 game page! Gary’s done a great job with the DMC4 PS3 Wiki page, for example.

Even if you don’t want to adopt a PS3 Wiki game page and make it yours, you can still edit & create pages on a smaller scale and add information to them. So if you’d like to talk about your favourite PS3 games, this is your chance!

PS3Wiki Games


Mark Rein Interview

GameInformer has an interview with Epic’s vice president, Mark Rein. Remember that Epic creates Gears of War for the 360 and Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3, PC, and 360.

What I liked best is what he says about the PS3. It sums up my mood about it pretty well.

GI: Do you think Sony’s in trouble?

Rein: No, god, no. Somebody asked me that earlier, and I was like, “What a ridiculous question.” People, just give them a break for crying out loud. People think it’s bad if they can’t ship enough, and then they think it’s bad if they can ship enough. It’s like, which is it? Either they can’t fulfill your order or they can, and they’re both good. Being able to fulfill your order is good news, right? Go out and buy your PS3 now. You can get one. That’s miraculous. They sold more PS3s in North America than Microsoft sold Xbox 360s in its same period of time, and they clearly aren’t going to have the shortage problems that Microsoft had. So as long as people are willing to pay the price for the machine—and I’m sure lots of people are—I think they’re hopefully in a good situation.

There’s actually more in there. Go and have a look, it’s a good read.

MGD 07: Mark Rein Interview


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