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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Colin McRae: DIRT Arrives June

January 24, 2007 |

A spokesperson for Codemasters has told Eurogamer that Colin McRae: DIRT is on track for an end of June release on PS3, 360 and PC. Good news if you like messing around in the mud and hurtling around the countryside … Read More

IGN: SingStar PS3 UK Interview

January 24, 2007 | | 5 Comments

Wanna talk about non-traditional games? How about sing-along games? I know it’s not the kind of game I put number one on my Christmas list. Or number two or three, for that matter. But I betcha if I bought this … Read More

All of Japan NOT Discounting PS3

January 24, 2007 | | 2 Comments

Rumours have been abounding that the PS3 has been getting some price cuts in order to fuel sales in Japan. Which is just crazy even on the surface of it, because it implies that PS3 sales are lagging. Sales may … Read More

Ubisoft Delays GRAW 2 on PS3

January 24, 2007 | | 3 Comments

Hey! What’s up with this? GRAW is a game I enjoy a lot on my friends’ Xbox 360 systems, so I was looking forward to picking up GRAW 2 on the PS3.

Now it looks like it’s been delayed, and … Read More

Japanese PS3’s Get Firmware 1.5

January 23, 2007 | | 6 Comments

The PlayStation Store will have some more payment options. Currently you can only pay via credit card. Now the PS3 will accept the “Edy” system pre-paid electronic money. You’ll need a IC Reader/Writer connected to your PS3. Sony is also … Read More

Harmonix Working on new Music Franchise

January 23, 2007 |

Yesterday I talked about how Harmonix was no longer developing the Guitar Hero franchise. Gamasutra talked to them about it, and learned that Harmonix is working on a totally new music-based game. Harmonix producer Daniel Sussman says that “We are … Read More

Orb Brings PC Media to PS3

January 23, 2007 | | 3 Comments

I’m not exactly sure from this press release how it works, but Orb Networks announced that they will allow you to stream your media content from your PC to your PS3. The article on eHomeUpgrade says “The breakthrough gives PS3 … Read More

First Splinter Cell Female Spy Character on PS3

January 22, 2007 | | 5 Comments

I only played my first Splinter Cell game a couple weeks ago on my friend’s GameCube. Splinter Cell: Double Agent, um, or something like that. It was a lot of fun, but playing the co-op game ended up over-writing his … Read More