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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Phil Harrison Interview, Parts II & III

February 28, 2007 | | 3 Comments

Just a small heads up that N’Gai Croal has parts 2 and 3 of his Phil Harrison interview up. They’re great reads for any PS3 fan.

Loot: The Phil Harrison Interview, Part II Loot: The Phil Harrison Interview, Part III

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CoD3: Not so Jealous Anymore

February 28, 2007 | | One Comment

My favourite PS3 game has to be CoD3. I’m a big fan of CoD2 on the PC (the only PC game I play, really), and so it was natural for me to gravitate to CoD3 on my PS3. I’ve even … Read More

More Tekken 6 Info

February 28, 2007 | | 7 Comments

When the weather gets hot in the Land of the Rising Sun. Tekken 6 will have a on location test and it will including playable versions of the two new characters, Leo and Zafina.

The roster will include all the … Read More

PS3 FW Update 1.54 is out

February 28, 2007 | | 10 Comments

I went through the menus and nothing seemed different to me. But I did notice that the web browser is faster than it was before. Since the US Playstation site has no info about this update I checked out the … Read More

Global Remote Play within 6 months

February 27, 2007 | | 3 Comments

I’m disappointed in this news. I was hoping this would be part of the march firmware update for Europe and the rest of the world. Being able to connect a external hard drive, digital camera, memory stick, etc. to the … Read More

New Resistance Content April?

February 27, 2007 | | 8 Comments

Phil Harrison had a little chat with Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal, and although they discussed a lot of stuff that will interest other people, the bit that caught my attention is that there could be new downloadable content coming in April … Read More

Poll: What Internet Connection?

February 26, 2007 | | 10 Comments

Just curious about what kind of internet connections all of you are using. A friend of mine couldn’t get WPA TKIP to work. Is there anybody out there using that? So here’s the question:

What internet connection are you using … Read More

Tekken 6 Playable Soon?

February 26, 2007 | | 2 Comments

Tekken 6 was at the AOU arcade expo in Japan a couple weeks ago. And the trailer they showed just had a 2007 date. So I wondered when I could get my hands on this. I’m a huge Tekken fan … Read More