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Spider-Man 3: The Game Trailer |

If you pop over to the Spider-Man 3 The Game website, you can watch a trailer of a great looking Spidey going through the motions. I personally hope this game has more in common with the PSone Spider-Man game, rather than the PS2 version of Spider-Man. I didn’t really enjoy Spider-Man 2 that much and I felt the first Spidey game on PSone was more faithful to the comics and the animated series that was doing the rounds at that time.

There is also going to be updates on the game developers blog section of the website, although there’s nothing really interesting on there at the present time.

I can’t wait for the movie! It’s one I’ll definitely be going to the cinema to see.

Oh and Spider-Man>Batman/Superman etc.


  • This is one of my most anticipated games. I played Spider-Man 2 long after I’d traded/sold other games. Swinging around the city and stomping bad guys was pure fun.

  • It was fun for a short wile but it was the tedious side missions which all involved the same basic scenarios that really bugged me.

    It was a lot of fun swinging around the city and the combat was OK but it got pretty repetitive pretty fast.

  • Spawn owns ALL!!!

    Sad, that all games around him sucked…

  • i loved the real swinging in spider-man 2 much better than the fake swinging mechanics in the earlier games.

  • Pc

    Spider Man 3 will be the best movie out of the series so far, i just hope the game will be as good 🙂