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Sonic the Hedgehog for PlayStation 3 Review |

I bought my SEGA Genesis partially because of Sonic the Hedgehog I and II. The Sonic franchise hasn’t done so well since then, and things don’t look like they’ll be turning around anytime soon if this review of the latest Sonic game is anything to go by.

Gamespot took a look at Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 and gave it a 4.2. That’s out of 10, not out of 5. Gamespot says that the gameplay is boring and that the ability to play a variety of characters isn’t actually a good thing – they don’t add to the game in any way. And playing Tails is especially tedious because he’s so slow. The camera is terrible.

The graphics aren’t much to look at either, and Gamespot compares some of the visuals to “Dreamcast-era artwork”.

Such a shame. I was actually planning on reliving some of my SEGA Genesis glory days.

Sonic the Hedgehog for PlayStation 3 Review

  • Knighthawk

    Yeah that’s too bad. It was garbage for Xbox 360, didn’t think it would be much different for PS3.

  • ehandlr

    The best Sonic of all time was for Sega CD….I miss my Sega CD.

  • Sporty

    I’m actually kinda glad it was delayed on PS3. I was thinking of picking this up near launch when I got my system. At least with the 360 verison reviews I saved $60 😀

  • I downloaded this off Xbox Live Marketplace when the demo hit a while back, played it for about 10min and deleted the demo. It’s horrible.

  • Pc

    Yeah, i did the same on my 360 a while back. Downloaded the demo from the marketplace, played it for a second, then deleted the crap !!!

  • My first game console was a Sega Genesis and I loved the Sonic series back then. But once it went next gen with Dreamcast it lost it’s magic to me. And all the other versions after it was horrible from what I’ve heard.

  • Sonic has unfortunately not been good at all since the jump to 3d. They should’ve pulled a megaman and stuck with a 2d syle.

  • Joe

    I really think they need a revert to the 2d style. Sonic in full 3d has never really worked. developers shouldn’t be scared of admitting it’s all been a big mistake, and going back to how it used to be. I still think they could develop a hell of a game in 2d.

    I’d still play it! =)

  • Next gen Sonic in 2D 🙂 Great idea man.