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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection out Feb 2007 |

About a month ago Japan PS3 Gamers got to download this game. But now it’s finally going to be available in North America. Jinpachi will be a playable character as well. There is a new “fight money” system that rewards you for mid-air juggle combos and perfect victories. What’s cool is that you can use that virtual money on extras like HD Tekken 6 Videos, PS3 wallpapers, and music.

They haven’t annouced a price yet, but the Japanese version went for 2,000 yen, about $16.50 US. Namco Bandai confirmed that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection will be available on the PlayStation Store later this month.


  • I already have the Hong Kong version of this game and it’s a blast! And yes I’ll buy the U.S. Version as well 😛 I’m a huge Tekken fan. I actually played this for several hours with my friends yesterday instead of watching the superbowl, lol.

    One thing I do miss greatly is using the Tekken 5 Arcade controller I have. I can’t do kings linking throws on a PS3 SIXAXIS Controller!

  • PS3 wallpapers?

  • I noticed that too. Maybe the next PS3 FW update will allow wallpapers 🙂

  • I’m a bit excited, since I really want to learn new character Lili’s moves on a PS controllers (since ive been playing with her on a psp version of the game.) If its cheap, i will buy it, but if its anything more than 10 dollars, thats a steep price for a games thats essentially a port of a port of a port.

  • Pc

    Should i wait for Tekken or try out the new Virtua Fighter ?? Can anybody tell me which is better ??

  • ehandlr

    I’d probably buy this game if they charged full price for it. One more day.