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80% of PS3 Owners to Buy BD Movies |

It’s almost a mantra that you hear from HD DVD proponents: just because the PS3 includes a BD drive doesn’t mean PS3 owners care about HD movies on BD. You hear it especially when people discuss the HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 and compare it to the BD drive in the PS3.

According to Sony’s research, 80% of PS3 owners plan to buy BD movies. Another 72% have said that they plan to rent BD movies in the near future. This is data Sony collected from 100,000 PS3 owners that they surveyed.

I have a bunch of titles on my Ziplist ( is like Netflix). But don’t seem to have many BD’s in stock, because even though a bunch are near the top of my list, I’m not getting them. So while I’d like to rent some BD titles, is preventing me.

Sony: PS3 Drives Blu-ray Sales, Format Beating HD-DVD

  • Joe

    If you’re sitting there with your PS3 and you want to watch a movie, you might as well use the superior playback of the BD rather than watch a DVD. Makes sense.

  • I will surely get one or two movies. Problem ATM is, that most movies arent any good movies ^^

  • I don’t buy many movies on DVD anyway, apart from Martial Art films and training DVDs but I buy tons of TV series box sets and that is what I will mainly buy on BD in the future.

  • Sporty

    I stopped buying DVDs last year after I got my HDTV. The grain and general crappy low res picture even on upconverted progressive player just doesn’t compare to On-Demand or HD channels. So now it’s only BD.

    But the 80% doesn’t surprise me at all. If you been following the HD Disk war you know that HD-DVD was in the lead untill late december, but now it’s on life support. Universal is the only thing keeping HD-DVD afloat atm.

  • ehandlr

    It seems the lack of PS3 games could be a blessing in disguise. With a lack of games to may drive some people into buying Blue-ray to see how things work on the PS3.

    I watch the Blue-Ray movie release closely. There are a few movies that I want that I’m watching to go on sale. (Kiss of the Dragon is next).

    I also find myself trying to find movies that will take advantage of HDTV. Such as Kingdom of Heaven…I got that simply because its a sexy ass movie in high def.

  • matt

    A survey about “planning to buy/ planning to rent” means absolutely nothing to me. Until they actually start buying or renting the movies the format war is going to drag on. HD-DVD still leads although Blu-Ray is catching up. I just hope one of the two drops out in the next few months so we don’t have to have these conversations at all.

  • I pick HD-DVD over Blu-Ray for quality. But for the amount of movies, Blu-Ray wins. Also, the PS3 is my only player that has HDMI. This puts my 360 HD-DVD addon at a great disadvantage over VGA/Component. This is why in the future I’ll be buying all my HD movies in Blu-Ray.

    In fact, sadly, I only see the PS3 being used for Blu-Ray in the future. Its the only way I can justify having one. The PS3 is lacking killer apps this year, and all around isn’t catering the games that I want.

  • ehandlr

    Where have you been Matt? hehe. Since Jan 1st, Blu-Ray has been selling 2:1 over HD-DVD. Since Jan 14th, Blu-Ray has been selling 3:1 and the gap is getting bigger.

    Here is an article showing that Blu-Ray has more titles available.

    Here is an article when Blu-ray surpassed HD-DVD.

    Here is the chart comparison.

  • ehandlr

    I wish I had the article..but 72% of Blu-Ray movies were rated with 4 stars as far as quality while only 54% of HD-DVD were rated with 4 stars. The article declared Blu-Ray as the winner on picture quality.

    Oh one more article that states that for ever 38 HD-DVD’s sold, there are 100 Blu-Ray

    Some figures have begun to be posted on the digital edition of Home Media Magazine. To access the digital edition, scroll down the page. On the left you’ll see a box entitled “This Week’s Digital Edition”, and underneath the text “Read It Now! Click Here”. Click that.

    Week ended Jan 14
    YTD: BD 100.00, HD 38.36
    SI: BD 92.40, HD 100.00

    Week ended Jan 7
    YTD: BD 100.00, HD 47.14
    SI: BD 85.05, HD 100.00

  • matt: Blu-ray discs are currently outselling HD DVD discs. It’s all the rage in the HD news recently.

    Phaethon360: There is nothing inherently better quality about either format. They both use the same codecs, and therefore are capable of the same quality imagery. Reviews of recent (and not-so-recent) Blu-ray discs have shown this.

    Phaethon360: It’s too bad you won’t be enjoying such great upcoming games like MotorStorm or F1. After those there’s Burnout, and we already have NFS:Carbon, RR7, and GTHD. It looks like the PS3 will have a very strong racing lineup. But if you’re into other kinds of games, I agree that the pickings are a little slim. But they’re coming…

  • HD-DVD uses VC1 and Blu-Ray uses MPEG-2 or they’ve changed their compression format since launch. I haven’t followed. I’ve just seen Aeon Flux running on the same sets over HD-DVD and Blu-Ray through HDMI, and I distinctly noticed an improvement in quality with the HD-DVD version.

    I’m not a big racing fan. I enjoyed the MotorStorm and F1 demos immensely, but I realized I couldn’t be entertained with both for $120. I guess I just wore the demos out, there’s not much else to play on the system. The game I am dying to play on my PS3 would have to be God of War II. Heavenly Sword has been pushed back to Q4 2007. MGS4 and FFXIII are pretty much confirmed 2008 titles. Lair is my one glimmer of hope. I just hope its May 7th release date sticks.

  • Well, no. An HD DVD disc can use MPEG2, MPEG4, or VC1. A Blu-ray disc can use MPEG2, MPEG4, or VC1.

    While at the beginning of BD’s life their titles had some problems, those problems have mostly been solved now. Recent BD titles look the same as HD DVD titles, generally.

  • ehandlr

    Heavenly Sword
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    Assassins Creed (multi)
    MGS4 (still scheduled Q4 2007)
    Naughty Dog Project
    Eight Days
    Virtua Fighter 5 (multi timed release I think)
    Eye of Judgement
    GTA (multi)
    Guitar Hero

    are all scheduled 2007. These are just some of the bigger games I named off the top of my head.

  • It really doesn’t matter to me now, seeing as I’ll only buy HD movies for Blu-Ray because of HDMI. Unless the movie looks crappier than youtube I’m not going to be upset with which compression format it uses.

  • @ehandlr

    I’ve got a 360, and plan on buying all my multiplatform games for it. Heavenly Sword, Lair, Warhawk, those are titles I’m interested in that I believe will be shipping this year. I’ll have to wait and see on the rest. There have been plenty of delay disappointments already this year for me.

  • ehandlr

    I have a 360 as well. I plan on buying multiplatform games on the system it was originally developed for. I have a feeling that multiplatform games will have issues this time around.

  • The plusses for the 360 multiplatform games outweigh the minuses for me. If I’m spending $60, I want to get achievement points, use a comfortable controller, play in 1080p, and have the option of gaming with a group of friends I have established. PS3 just doesn’t have that ease of use yet. Not necessarily its fault, it is a launch console, but given that, I’m going to be using the more established one.

  • I’ve watched a ton on Netflix. Never had a problem with availability. I just wish retail prices were more in line with DVD so I could buy some titles.

  • I actually bought a couple Blu-Ray movies before the PS3 was released, lol.

  • Darrin

    I’ve watched one Blu-Ray movie so far from NetFlix. I don’t have HDTV (just 480i) so I didn’t notice any picture quality difference, but the enhanced audio and playback extras were cool. I won’t pick a movie just because it’s on Blu-Ray, but a handful of the movies in my queue have Blu-Ray versions available, so why not?

  • Jon

    It’s no surprise that PS3 users buy Blu-ray movies more than X-Box HD-DVD supporters. Regulations of both Blu-ray and HD-DVD require the use of an HDMI cable with HDCP support in order to play video at a true 1080p resolution. Any other interface types (DVI, Component) must have their resolution downgraded to 720 (even on a PS3).

    Currently, only the PS3 has HDMI support. Why does X-Box offer an HD-DVD player if you can’t play HD content? It up-converts a 720 signal to 1080i, which is the same resolution as a regular DVD. Makes no sense.

    I wrote more about this in my new blog:

  • Sporty

    HD-DVD uses MS’s VC-1 and BD uses MPEG2, AVC and can use MS’s VC-1. But in all honestly the codec doesn’t matter at all only the quality of the transfer. You can get the same results from any of the codecs with high enough bit rates.

    The reason you see a difference in Aeon Flux is because Paramont did a crappy job on the BD conversion. Early Warner and Paramont BD transfers were sloppy. They at first favored HD-DVD before going neutral. Now that Blu-Ray is becoming the dominant format they are giving the transfers a lot more care along with some lossless audio soundtracks on BD versions.

  • matt

    I meant TOTAL sales from the launch of the 2 formats. Yes I understand that Blu-Ray has been kicking butt recently. I still don’t care until a stand-alone player comes into a price I am willing to pay and their is only one format left.

    Right now I cannot buy a player because of the older movies I want, both formats have important titles to me. As I said before I can wait. Movie watching is not all that high on my list of things to do right now due to my current job hours/ lack of time.

    I am glad a lot of you are contributing though as you are all helping decide a winner. This is when I will get excited.

  • ehandlr

    Adding up all the sales from both formats from the beginning till present, Blu-Ray is winning by a landslide right now.

    The only thing HD-DVD has over Blu-Ray is an overall lower price on older movies. Newer movies they both are the exact same price.

    Personally…I just want Advent Children on Blu-Ray asap. They haven’t given a release date for it yet.