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Poll: Do You Watch BD Movies on your PS3? |

With data showing that BD uptake is on the upswing, I thought it would be interesting to poll all you PS3 owners out there about your BD movie-viewing habits. So what are they?

1. I buy BD movies for my PS3.
2. I rent BD movies for my PS3.
3. I rent and buy BD.
4. I don’t watch BD movies on my PS3.
5. I don’t have a PS3.

Last Poll’s Results:

What do you think about the European 60GB-only PS3 release?

* Right way to go: 49% (82)
* Should have some 20GB too: 46% (76)
* Should have lots of 20GB: 5% (8)

Total Votes : 166

  • Darth-Busby

    I’ve got about 10 blue ray films so far and only three games while my game collection will grow slowly the fact that the ps3 included a blue ray player was one of the main reasons I went for it so I plan on buying a lot more

  • Jimmy Stewart

    3. I rent and buy titles for my PS3.

  • 3. I rent and buy BD.

    I use Blockbuster online so if a new release is out on Bluray then I’ll rent it on that of course is a horse.

  • I own 3 Blu-Ray movies, and have rented 4 from Netflix. Several more in my queue.

  • Mark A

    3. I rent and buy BD.

  • number 2, via netflix.

  • limulimu

    #1 choice: I’m a sucker for movies and always a movie buff so ever since I got my ps3, I have been purchasing movies. Currently about 35 blu-ray movies and 2 ps3 games >_