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Mercenaries 2 Q&A |

I know Gary is a big fan of Mercenaries, so i’m sure he’ll enjoy this Q&A that Eurogamer got to do with them.

For one, they talk about EA becoming the new publisher for the game. They talk about the new engine they’re creating for Mercenaries 2. But they also refused to get drawn into a debate about whether the PS3 or the Xbox 360 is easier to develop for.

Mercenaries 2 Q&A

  • I like how they sidestepped the question about which platform they are finding it easier to develop on. 😆 This game will be on the 360, they may aswell come out and say it.

    Massively looking forward to this game.

  • I’m looking forward to M2 on the 360 as well. 3rd party has to make money some how.

  • Darrin

    I’ll agree that there is a good possibility of a 360 version, but there is also a good possibility that it will be PS3 exclusive. Gary, how can you be so sure?

    mcwilliams, there are definitely certain financial incentives of going cross platform (larger audience to sell to), but there are also financial incentives of going exclusive (money up front and more favorable royalty and promotion agreements). If it was always in the studio’s interest to go cross platform, then every independent studio on the planet would stop making exclusives instantly.

    Except that isn’t happening. Companies like Epic and Insomniac and Capcom and Konami are actively making exclusive titles. These companies aren’t stupid. They know what they are doing. They are making exclusives, and you can be sure that it is in their interest to do so.

  • I’m pretty sure I heard that it would be coming to the 360.

  • The first Mercs game was on both the Xbox and PS2 and I’ve heard nothing official from Pandemic STATING that Mercs 2 is a PS3 exclusive title. I’m 99% sure it will be on both the PS3 and 360 and until Pandemic says otherwise I will continue to believe that. Makes no difference to me as I’ll be getting it on PS3 regardless.

    More and more 3rd party games will be multi platform this gen. That’s just the way this gen is heading.

  • Darrin

    Henning, I don’t doubt that you’ve heard that, but it’s still just speculation. I’ve heard rumors that DMC4 and MGS4 are also going to 360 and Bioshock is coming to PS3. Any of the above may be true, but are still merely speculation. There may be a trend towards fewer exclusives, but there still are third party exclusives.

    Gary, Pandemic never said M2 would be PS3 exclusive, but they’ve also been very clear that it’s not confirmed for the 360. I’d speculate that either they have already made their decision and aren’t announcing yet due to PR purposes or their platform decision depends on ongoing negotiations (in other words, they are still trying to get better deals from Sony or Microsoft).