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PS3 Oblivion |

IGN posted some impressions of the PS3 version of Oblivion. Most of you know, this game has been out for almost a year on the PC and the 360 and is considered to be the best game of 2006 by many.


Read the link at the bottom for full impressions, but it sounds very positive overall: Dramatically reduced load times, sharper graphics, smoother frame rates, better shading, reduced object pop-in. Wow!


The PS3 version also includes the Knights of the Nine content, which is an extra purchase on the PC and 360 versions. On the downside, the other purchaseable add-ons available for the PC and 360 versions won’t be initially available for the PS3. They may or may not become available in the future. Some of this content sounds pretty pointless (who cares about downloadable horse armor?) but other pieces might be more worthwhile.

Overall, great news. I’m very happy that we’re finally starting to see cross platform games that actually perform better on the PS3.

IGN Oblivion Impressions

  • Pc

    I just read the whole article and i somehow knew they would be saying that about the game eventually. It’s obvious that the PS3 is more powerful than any other console out there and it just goes to show what these developers will be able to do with a little time and effort.

  • User

    The Xbox version will have an updated shader engine of Oblivion. Which will make the Xbox version much better.

    So don’t count on that the PS3 version will be better; as everybody says, let’s wait or you’ll be counting forever.

  • Going by those screens from what I’ve played of Oblivion on 360, its not too noticeably improved. Upgraded shader engine or not, it still looks like Oblivion. I’ll have to see it in motion to truly judge how much more improved it is. If the PS3 version is locked at 30fps, then that’d be a huge improvement right there.

    As far as the PS3 being more powerful, on the 1up show they talked about the developers stating the bonus content wouldn’t load due to memory allocation. Basically, they had no more RAM for the bonus items and levels. This problem might not be fixed prior to release. Maybe a patch will come out or something, but as it is, I’m not sure there will be any bonus content outside of Knights of the Nine.

  • Knighthawk

    Um dude, I don’t know where you heard that, but that is a load of crap! You really have no clue what your are talking about you little Xbox Fanboy, take a hike!

  • ^ Watch it

    And watch who you’re calling a fanboy. I believe in facts not opinions.

  • Firefox f7

    I have also read on several sites that there is an issue with PS3 video memory being too small to hold all the oblivion dlc at once.

    I think we need to wait until we see the PS3 as well as the updated xbox version before we can come to any conclusion as to which is the better version.

  • Darrin

    Phaethon, I saw that 1up clip. The 1up guys did claim there were RAM limitations with the PS3. Either he’s leaking insider info that Bethesda wouldn’t publically admit or it’s just BS from a biased 1up guy. I’m leaning towards the latter.

  • That’s a very good point Darrin. But I’m sure Shane would’ve slapped the taste out his mouth if he’d been lying :-P. It does explain why not all the DLC is there, which is the reason I’m sure he said it, not to bash the PS3. All in all, this kind of stuff is to be expected with a port. It’s very far along for having to do this much work on a launch console.

  • Pc

    The PS3 has just as much ram as the 360, but also has a more powerful processor. 256 mb of main system ram, plus 256 mb of dedicated video ram, but all 512 can be used by the video card if needed. Hearing problems about not enough ram has got to be BS.

  • Pc

    Ohhh…BTW, if you read the whole IGN article, they say straight up that the PS3 version is much better ( the textures, no framerate issues, everything).

  • firefox

    When they say it is better do they mean better than the ps3 version was earlier in the development cycle, or bette than the xbox 360 version?

  • Pc

    Better than the 360 version…just read the article on ign 🙂

  • firefox

    Just read it and there no doubt. It is better than the 360 version.

  • User

    It’s not even released yet. When it’s released, we then compare it side by side… just like every other ports.

  • @ PC: Bah, I hate Mozilla. When I clicked the link I only got the first paragraph off that website. Had to view the site in IE to read the full thing. Sounds really impressive, I think it deserves to be played again with all the improvements they’ve managed to add in with performance.

    @ User: I agree. I plan on playing both PiP. I’ll have a friend of mine use the 360 controller while I use the SIXAXIS. Then I’ll make comparisons. Yes, he does get my hand-me-downs :-P.

  • Videogamie

    i think oblivion for the ps3 will be awesome… Psm has a feature on their new podcast about Oblivion and they are giving away a free ps3, plus an oblivion fun pack. Check it out.

  • In both the recent IGN video interview and that PSM video, Bethseda has commented on PS3 memory issues. So they are real.

    I understand now why the load times are much shorter. Microsoft discourages developers to program their games with the HDD (due to the core), but the fact that every PS3 has HDD gives developers are load time advantage. Cache money! Microsoft needs to get rid of that core, its a ripoff for everyone who plays on 360.

    I think the biggest problem is that Midway’s Area 51: Blacksite has the writer for Gears of War! That’s not a good thing. Gears was great gameplay, and a crap, crap story. I’m really not sure what to expect now.

  • Pc

    Every system out there always seems to need more memory. I personally don’t think 512 is enough to run games, more like 1gb. Both the 360 and PS3 have 512 ram, but the PS3 does have the edge with the cell processor and blu-ray.

  • User

    Well, according to Joystick:

    Oblivion is really downgraded for PS3.

    Do you believe me now? Or should we still wait until it is released?

  • Darrin

    User, the Joystiq post you linked just quoted the 1UP piece we were already talked about. That doesn’t change anything.

    I find IGN’s followup to be the most believable, with direct quotes from Bethesda:

    Of course you are right in that it’s always better to wait until the PS3 version is actually released before comparing.

  • Knighthawk

    “^ Watch it

    And watch who you’re calling a fanboy. I believe in facts not opinions. ”

    Hey Phaethon360, check out this link you moron, like I said, the PS3 not getting stuff due to lack of memory is garbage. Check the link, FANBOY!

  • ancientblood

    I read that joystick article and also linked over to the IGN-Pete Hines interview from that article and according to that interview it says that certain optimization’s that take advantage of ps3’s harware will remain exclusive to ps3. That means ps3 has something better than x-box and runs oblivion better and will remain exclusive to ps3. Thank you and no i don’t believe you.

  • ancientblood

    wow this is an old blog.

  • Deevo

    I honestly feel that the PS3 version is better cause of load times, but that’s about it.

    And they’re right about even since 360 gets all that extra DLC.

    so PC FTW, only because of Mods.

    Guess what though? 360 will have downgraded UT3 ahahahaaha…