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Killzone 2 at GDC? *update* |

Following on from 1up’s Luke Smith’s claims that Killzone 2 will be shown at GDC, held next month from March 5-9th in San Francisco, C& has also claimed that Killzone 2 will be present and possibly even playable at the Game Developers Conference. Phil Harrison will be present at the event doing a keynote speech so could he be the man to unveil Killzone 2 to the world?

The highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 sequel to Guerilla Game’s Killzone is to be officially unveiled at next month’s GDC, CVG has learned.

Well placed US sources have revealed to us that the flagship Sony shooter will be shown in full glory at the San Francisco event, perhaps even in the form of a playable demo.

Will it look as good in playable form as the video below that was shown at e3 ’05? I guess we will soon know but I hope for Sony’s sake and for all PS3 owners and would be owners, that it looks as much like the video as possible…

Killzone 2 to be unveiled at GDC next month

*Edit: According to SCEA Manager, Ryan Bowling, Killzone 2 or whatever it’s called, won’t be present at GDC next month but it will be shown off in the near future. All I can say is boo!!!

Killzone 2 NOT at GDC?

  • I was in a party with some of the guys from Guerrilla… no matter how much shots I gave them they wouldn’t give out any details about KZ2, but they know me and they know what I like, so they’ve garanteed me this game will ROCK!
    If I knew about this unveiling at the GDC I would have asked them… although then I’d need a whole bottle of Tequilla, because they are really keen on revealing any details (they know I’d put them in the blog for sure eheheh).

  • User

    Every Xbox fanboy will be watching this demo… I know I will. Haha.

  • Scott

    Because Killzone 1 rocked so much….

  • Because Halo 2 (single player) rocked so much…

    Come on… The PS2 was not made for FPS at all (as you can see, there werent many FPS for it at all)

  • Pc

    I just hope they prove everybody wrong by making Killzone 2 look just as good or better than the video clip they showed at the 05 E3. I want it to be a true Halo smasher !!! I hate halo sooo much 🙂

  • ehandlr

    Halo was not..and never will be a pinnacle FPS game. There are so many other FPS games that blow the generic Halo out of the water.

    That being said..I love Halo…its a simple game you can play for 5 min or hours and enjoy that.

    Halo 2 sucked compared to Halo 1. The folks at Bungie admitted they made a mistake with it.

    I do hope Halo 3 fixes all the problem…

    However…i’d like to see KZ2 serve them a warm hot cup of shut the **** up.

  • Joe

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this. They’ve been working on the damn thing for nearly 2 years, so it’s bound to be impressive. I remember Phil Harrison saying that it even exceeded the E3 video in some aspects. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  • @ ehandlr: I agree with everything you said. That’s exactly what I loved about Halo. I didn’t have to fire up my PC to play it, or sit there for extended amounts of time. It was in and out even if I only had 10mins to play it was great. But its in no way shape or form the best FPS in the genre. Just the most accessible and easiest to have fun with friends.

    I love competition. I’m hoping that Guerilla can stick it to Bungie this time around. I’m not sure of the likelihood of that happening (and even if it did happen, the media wouldn’t report it) but if it does then it’d propel the FPS genre further into the next-gen.

    Here’s to hoping for some good demos around GDC.

  • Sporty

    Hopfully this is a solid game. It almost has to be one of the best damn FPS ever made with all the backlash they recieved to not look like a failure.

    Although Resistance is nice. Halo was ok for a time waster. FPS’s need kb/mice for me. I spent literally years playing Quake 1,2,3 and half life. It just doesn’t feel right if I can flick a shot so I never got into console FPS’s

  • Since Gears of War, the graphics of that E3 trailer dont seem so out of reach anymore. I think they may be capable of getting very close to the target renders. I hope killzone doesnt get pulled under with all the sony hate in the media. Halo isnt the holy grail of first person shooters.

    But people will bash killzone regardless of how good it turns out to be. If it isnt exactly like the the e3 trailer, people will say they lied. If it doesnt play even better than halo 3, people will say it sucks. Its hard for them to win on both fronts. However, did anyone notice that Halo 3 images arent exactly the droolfest many expected?

  • Pc

    Yeah, i noticed the first time i saw some HALO 3 images that they looked more along the lines of a high rez xbox game. Not all that spectacular, but they were good none the less. I’ll give it that 🙂
    I really want Killzone 2 to be that game that people talk about for a few years…ya know, the kinda game that people use as a reference or comparison when new FPS’s come out.

  • luke

    if they really wanted to make some noise, they would release the demo (if there is one) on the PS store shortly (as in days) after

  • There are some things in this trailer, the PS3 will never be able to do (neither is any other console or even a top highend sli pc).

    That is at least 4xFSAA, realtime smoke, complete animation system and a pretty big scenery all in one.

    If they find good ways to approximate these effects, the gaming world will be blown away. Guerrilla has a major budget for this game and they have already shown, that they can do impressive (looking) games with KZ1 although it was rushed.

  • Sporty

    There have been rumors that Sony is preping a KZ2 demo before Halo 3 beta. However most rumors this gen are designed to undermind PS3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is BS only to disappoint people when it doesn’t come out.

  • loo

    No Killzone 2 at GDC said Ryan Bowling.

  • matt

    As Segitz said this game cannot look like the demo video 0f E3 2005. It just isn’t possible with the hardware available. So if you are thinking it will you are going to be disappointed. That being said, this could still be a great game. The story of the game has some great possibilites. I am really hoping this game is great. It will never be a Halo killer. Halo has a huge (1/3 of all xbox owners bought 2 and almost as many bought 1). It doesn’t have to “kill” Halo. It needs to be a fun game that has a great online element that gives the game legs long after its release.

    Sony needs to get this game out before X-mas this year. 360 will have Halo 3 and as of now Sony has nothing to compete. It would be nice if KillZone 2, MGS4, GTA 4 where available this year to give gamers of different types great games and reasons to buy a PS3. The 360 will have a ton of great games available and Sony will have a handful. I play FPS games the most and I can see no reason to purchase a PS3 for what games are coming out. Right now I want 1-2 games on the PS3 that are coming out this year. Everything else I can play on my 360.

    We need some info about the game. The sooner the beter.

    A price drop wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Yes Matt, it wont be a Halo killer, that train has already left, but…

    Sony can majorly hit MS with a perfect game. If the MP portion is as good as Halos (dunno what is so good about it, only read that it is said to be good) and the SP portion rocks (HL2 quality) then Sony will take huge amounts of potential gamers off of the 360 bandwagon.

    Thing is, Sonys “style” in releasing games is VERY widespread. They have all genres covered, but in FPS they are a bit less good, and this is were the 360 shines. And now again, if KZ2 is as good as Halo 3, then MS has a big problem (too less diversity in games, that is, if Sony comes up with as many good games in all genres as with the PS2).

    And… Whatever Mr. Bowling said… He said it wont be at GDC, but why not show it at the european launch or even some time before that? That would be not too bad, imho. I dont know, when GDC is, but it would even be possible, that they show it before GDC (if the “comment” wasnt misinterpreted and whatnot by whomever who released this speech)