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Formula One Championship Edition Online |

I’m a big F1 fan. I watch every F1 race, and I usually watch the qualifying as well. I have an F1 racing game for the PS2 that I still play occasionally.

So I read with interest Gamespot’s preview of the online racing mode in the upcoming Formula One game for the PS3. But my interest soon turned to disappointment and then dismay.

First I was disappointed that only 11 people would be able to race at the same time. The other 11 cars would be computer controlled. Ah, well, okay. I guess I can live with that if I really have to.

Then I read this statement:

With collisions on, it seems you can only make contact with other player-controlled cars. In other words, AI-controlled cars will pass right through you.

And I thought “what the heck?” That’s just crazy talk. I don’t want cars passing through each other for heaven’s sake! That’s just nuts!

I hope the final game is better than this!

Formula One Championship Edition Online Hands-On

  • That’s not too good. I’d rather them just take the AI cars out all together. And no collisions with AI is about the weirdest thing I’ve heard. I think it’d be a better idea to remove the AI from online.

    The graphics look incredible, but fighting and racing games are the biggest genres I have difficulty parting with my money over. I don’t play them for that long at all. I’ll try to rent it though. I’m pretty sure if I buy one racing game this year it’ll have to be Motor Storm.

  • I find it nice to hear, that even our Canadian “leader” likes the (mostly) European sport Formula One.

    I for one prefer the DTM (Deutsch Touring Masters) as they aren that expensive, have more races in my locations (Hockenheim and Nürburgring) and are more fun to watch 😀

    BUT, I also watch F1 every now and then, especially Spa, Hockenheim, Nürburgring and Monaco.

    And now back to topic…

    WHAT THE HECK?? Who thought of that? Sony, do your job and do it RIGHT!

  • HachiRoku

    I, too, am a huge F1 fan. (watch every race, qualifying, and practice sessions)
    I’m extremely excited to hear that this game is coming to my PS3 in a mere 3 weeks! =)
    Yes, I read that article Gamespot as well. However…

    — I don’t think a limit of 11 online players per race is a small number, so not a big deal there.

    — AI cars act as “ghost” cars. This is kinda bothersome, but will likely be fixed for the final release. If anything, it was probably in there from an early build. If not, then I’m guessing they might have an option to turn the AI cars off. Either way, it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

    — I LOVE how you can type to chat with other online players. I really find the “chat” feature in Ridge Racer 7 to be super annoying. =/

  • Darth-Busby

    The cars pass through each other WTF if you can only have 11 human controlled cars then dont bother at all with the AI ones.