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Motorstorm Split Screen Petition |

Someone over at the Official PlayStation Forums started up a petition sheet to get splitscreen multiplayer support into MotorStorm. I just added my name to the list, because splitscreen is very important to me.

Go check it out:

Motorstorm Offline Split Screen (2 or 4 player) Petition Signup Sheet

  • Martin

    Just signed up 🙂

  • Signed! 🙂

  • Are we sure the PS3 can handle it? The developers seem to thing they’re pushing the PS3 to the max already…


  • They said it’s something they could add in the future via an update, if enough people wanted it.

  • True, but I think there would have to be compromises, like shorter draw distances or something.

  • I would sign it if it would make a difference, but I’ve never seen a petition work. And don’t tell me “maybe this will be the first!” I’ve heard that one before :-P.

  • Not needed. I would just like offline networking so my nephews can come over and each have our own screens.

  • luke

    as of right now i dot have a good enough tv to care. plus they did say they could add it later.

  • I dont like the idea of the screen splititing into 4, two sounds abuot right if u wanna play with some one thats in your house and doesnt have a PS3 to play online from their homes and each one gets their on full screen.

  • Pc

    I would love for there to be splitscreen with 2 players. More than that and you have to have a really big tv for it to be any fun.

  • matt

    I think I read somwhere they can’t do it and keep the game intact. I hope they can because that is a great way to show off and have fun with friends. I don’t think they will add it.

  • Signed.

  • HachiRoku

    There will be an online chat session with the developers of Motorstorm TONIGHT at 4pm on the forum site.
    Perhaps someone can go on and convince them to put in slit-screen support.


  • Alex Rosewood

    Wait? did they remove it from the sony site?? 🙁 GRR i want splitscreen!!!

  • Yeah it’s gone.

  • saku

    What’s with the devs and splitscreen? it’s hardly available on any new game. it’s incredibly frustrating to have a great game and having your friend watching you cause someone decided not to let you play together at the same time… real sad… I ll look twice before i buy a game now

  • Jqwerty

    please give me splitscreen. i have no splitscreen games except resistance…