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Mercenaries 2 Details |

Mercenaries 2 is one of the games I’m most looking forward to playing on the PS3, regardless of whether it’s a PS3 exclusive or not (it won’t be), so when I saw Mercs 2 gracing the cover of the Official UK PlayStation magazine, I just had to buy it. So what is going on with Mercs 2? Below is what is known and rumoured about Mercenaries 2:

* The games is roughly similar in size as Mercs 1, 8km x 8km but the detail in the environments are incredible.

* You can swim and dive into water and ride around the rivers and lakes in speedboats and other water based craft.

* Battles can take inside buildings unlike Mercs 1 where the interiors were just used to set up missions.

* You can climb buildings and hijack Helicopters/planes using the grappling hook.

* You can recruit fellow Mercs found during the game and they will operate out of your base, assist you on missions and open up new side missions.

* You can invite one of your online contacts to take part in some 2 player co-op mayhem at any point during the game.

Mercenaries 2

I thought I read somewhere else that the game world was a lot bigger than the first Mercenaries game. The other 3 playable Mercs haven’t been revealed yet, nor has the full online details, but I can’t wait to see this game in action. I have high hopes for this title and all the little clips I’ve seen from the Mercs 2 website have got me salivating like a rabid dog that has broken into an all you can eat steak buffet.

  • Tom

    Anytime co-op… Wow, that’s an excellent idea. 8)

    I get the feeling that this and GTA4 will have a lot in common (in their own independent ways!). This sounds really impressive. Can’t wait to see more.

  • It also has similarities with Army of Two. I just hope you can play with/against people from other parts of the world unlike a certain game I can mention…

  • Pc

    Sounds like this game might end up in my collection for sure. I love games that let a friend join in via the internet, so you can both run around doing whatever you want in a sandbox-like environment. I can’t wait to blow some shit up !! 🙂

  • I wouldn’t recommend it, Pc. Can you imagine the mess, let alone the smell.

  • Any idea of the release date?